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I received a post card in the mail from United Parcel Service stating that my parcel could not be delivered as the driver could not find my home. I am on a main highway in Pennsylvania and they come here at least twice a month and have been here four times in the last three weeks.

I called the supervisor of the center in Williamsport on 10/18/2010 and she took down specific directions to my home saying it may have been a substitute driver and I can understand that. This morning 10/19/2010 I watched out my sliding glass doors just in case the driver missed my home. The regular driver drove past looking up at my home and turned his head real quick when he saw me in the door way. I called the center and spoke to the supervisor once again.

She said he had several deliveries to make before getting to my home. I explained that he always stops at our homes (the three out here in this area) before heading into town. Come to find out, in doing this to save time he is deviating from his route. Well, obviously someone called him and within two minutes he was banging the day lights out of my siding at my back door.

Scared me out of my wits! I went to the door and he began his tirade "There was traffic and I couldnt stop!" Then he really yelled "And don't call in and complain about it!!!" I didn't know what to say. As he left the back step I heard him say this "You Fxxking Bxtch!" I looked out the door and said "What did you call me?" He said "Have a nice day mam." And he proceeded to stroll away with a nasty smirk on his face and quite an attitude. I will do my best to tell everyone I know NOT to use UPS and from now on I will not be purchasing anything from any company that used USP.

I will specifically ask who they ship with. I have had problems with them angrily slamming things down on my steps, but have never had one of their people swear or used filthy language on my.

I'll make sure UPS pays for it. I'm telling the world.

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Kuzzinmare, maybe you should order a package and have your husband stay home that day. When the ups guy knocks on the door drag him in the house and beat the brakes off his a$$. Dont get mad get even.


Jer that really hurts my feelings I am just trying to bring the truth to light


Maybe you should stop being suck a *** ***.


Why Are Whites so Racist

Answer: Blacks teach us to be that way


Oh, gee, what a surprise... another *** white *** troll ("UPS Corporate Support") goes on the internet to slander minorities and spew racial abuse under a comment that has nothing to do with African Americans or any other ethnicity. SHOCKER!


No, I don't think they work for UPS lol


lol do you really think that person works for UPS?


If you really are UPS corporate support, you will be getting a three page letter either Monday or Tuesday at the Atlanta, Georgia office. I sent it out certified today.


He is NOT African American. I have never had any problem with an African American in regards to anything like this.

He is a bald, beady eyed white guy with a very pointed nose.


"The regular driver drove past"

The one who swore at me WAS the regular driver. He has been avoiding the stop for several days.

Now I find out others have had problems with him also.


obviously most drivers dont act like that. you said yourself it was a sub driver. you'll probably never see him again.

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