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My package got delivered to a local retail and firearm warehouse, and the UPS driver falsified the address as "The UPS Store". The business has a contract with UPS, therefore the name associated with the address is already in the UPS system. This means that the driver had to manually change the name to, "The UPS Store", intentionally, for this individual package.

After getting in contact with the UPS store it should have been delivered to, the local UPS hub, and the main UPS hub, UPS contacted the warehouse. Their workers claimed to search for the package and locate it, and later revealed that they receive a dozen pallets per day. It is impossible that they searched that many pallets of boxes in the five minutes they claim it took to find it. This means that the package was already separated from the rest of the shipment.

Between my talk with the warehouse's home office, and UPS talking with the warehouse, they managed to get a driver out there to pick up the package, take it back to the hub, and then to a store. A UPS driver screwed up big time, with obvious intentional manipulation of shipment data, and obviously somebody in that warehouse knew about it or the package wouldn't have already been separated.

Here's the deal. This paints a pretty clear picture of an attempted theft. The package was time sensitive, and UPS was a lifesaver by coming in heavy in collaboration with me to get this fixed. The business itself (warehouse business) seems to be clueless about the whole thing, but I wouldn't be surprised if they have a few extra packages moving through there off the books.

I'm still waiting for the package to arrive here, so I can confirm that its entire contents are present and intact. If not, then this will lead to many more problems.

I can't speak to how UPS does things, but I know for a fact that were this the US Postal Service with all other details the same, this would spell out more than one felony. In fact, even with it being UPS, it still does, just with less chance of enforcement since the package is on its way here. How UPS has managed to concoct a system that makes theft so easy for drivers is beyond my reckoning.

This is the last time that I will ever do business with UPS. This is not the first time I have had packages get unexpectedly diverted under shady circumstances. It's not the first time I've had to spend an evening chasing after an expensive delivery that a UPS driver thought should be theirs.

In fact, the first time, it was my first order from Amazon. I never received it. The second time, the driver kept the package after delivering other stuff to apartments in the same complex, told the hub he didn't have it, and had to be chased for thirty miles outside city limits with his supervisor on the phone to get it from him. The third time, the driver claimed that the package was delivered to my neighbor, thought better when he saw that it was insured and watched by his supervisor, and delivered it. The fifth time, the driver said the package was never picked up, it was found on his truck, and UPS had another driver deliver it that day. The sixth time, a merchant dispatched the order a second time because it could never be located after it left the UPS hub.

This is the seventh incident. UPS must be a magnet for thieves. From now on, I'm sticking with the Postal Service even if I have to mail shipping labels to merchants myself.

Sorry, UPS. I'm through with you at least until you develop a delivery process that isn't so easily and often exploited by thieving drivers.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I liked: Excellent telephone-based customer support.

I didn't like: Thieving drivers.

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