North East, Maryland
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UPS Driver was swinging a sign at my Lab, as I yelled at him I saw him back away from my dog at the beginning of my rural driveway, my dogs are on collars with invisible fence; they did not advance on him near the road. I started yelling to him as he came forward again with our package in one hand and our Caution Children Playing sign in his other hand swinging it at my older dog, the puppy was running around his legs wagging her tail.

Why didn't the UPS driver just get back in the truck and leave, reporting a dog in the area? Why after backing away did he decide to re-engage and challenge my dog? He said my dog was showing his teeth, but in this case he didn't need to aggravate the dog more. Get back in the truck and leave!

He said he wsn't the normal driver, same response on my last complaint on speeding on our paper road. Did UPS ever hear of Journey Management and listing perceived hazards at customer locations? I have had numerous deliveries from UPS, do all the UPS drivers try to beat my dog? Cowards!

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Here's an idea: keep your mutts inside when you're expecting a package. Tracking number will tell you exactly where your package is.

I know of several UPS drivers who have been bitten, so they have a right to worry.

They don't know your dog, just like you don't know them! BTW, those of you who believe they get paid to hit dogs are either retarded or mentally ill.


Mr. 27 year UPS employee, ARE YOU SERIOUS.

Do you believe anyone thinks UPS Pays a bounty on dogs.

It’s a joke, do you understand the concept jokes. By your statement here you give validation to all here that think all UPS employees are ***


Coward really? Do you know how many drivers a year are bit and seriously injured by dogs?

The driver should have got back in his truck and left...but he was trying to deliver your pkg so you didnt call in a complaint that you did not get your pkg. These poor guys work thier butts off everyday. You have no idea the demands put on them.

And you people are never happy. Try looking at things from their side and you might relax a little.


YOU are not very smart! Give me a break they do not pay their drivers to hit, hurt or bring a dead dog back to the building.

Come on GET REAL. Don't believe every story you hear.

I have worked for UPS for 27 yrs and have never heard such a thing. Get a clue!


Not funny! They are Teamsters. This is how they get money in their retirement account!


DOG LOVER: that is hilarious! But wow really $100.

They have raised it since last i heard they only got $75. Good for those truck drivers.


All UPS Drivers attack dogs I am Surprise you did not know this they get a 100 dollar bonus for any dog they hit and if you call up and complain they get 2 Hundred bucks. I saw a driver go 5 miles out of his way just to hit a dog.

And if there lucky enough to hit a dog with there truck and bring the dead carcass back to the center they get a 3 hundred dollar bounty. Dogs are not safe around UPS Drivers.