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All of my other UPS divers drive up to my back door, honk their horn, and I come out and get my package. This one driver habitually over the last year or more, refuses to deliver my package like the others do.

He parks down my driveway, sits there for a few minutes and then drives off. According to local UPS officials, he is under no obligation to deliver my package if he is afraid of dogs, chickens, horses, goats, mice, etc. that might be lurking in the yard. Now we're talking about a man?

in a 25,000 pound truck opening a door and handing a package to an 80 year old woman and closing the door. Now if I met him at the door of his truck with my pet grizzly, just kidding, I could probably understand his reluctance to open the door, but really! So much for the brave and courageous delivery of the mail.

My suggestion would be to use the US postal service or FED EX. I've never had a problem with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Mail Service.

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"So much for the brave and courageous delivery of the mail."

are you talking about the UPS driver or the mail man? sounds like you're confused haha.

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