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Hereis what happen UPS was dropping off a package at my house which I didn't even know they was in my drive until I heard this big loud noisy and I felt my house kinda of shake so I jump up and ran into my kitchen and look out the window to see the power line that goes from the house to the pole barn rip down and a UPS truck leaving my drive so I call the company soon after and talk to someone in charge which that person was rude to me and said that if it did happen that it was our fault cause we didn't have our line high enough for the truck to fit under but we got a pretty long drive so they didn't have to drive all the way in the drive .So the man in charge came and look at the damages and called his driver which his driver denied it and lied about and try to say the power line was down when they got there and the had to walk underneath line to drop off my package but my boyfriend was outside there 30min before that and everything was fine then. But they told me since I didn't actually see them do it I have no proof but the man in charge had the nerve to say that we was trying to get money out of them which is not true we just wanted them to admit what they done and stop lying about. Since the man in charge decide to be very rude my boyfriend decide to call all the ST Louis news channel in area to report how they treat the customer and get away with it I only hope others will not be afraid to call the news station and report their stories BUT I can honestly say that I will not be using UPS in the near future


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Birmingham, Alabama, United States #752986

It would be obvious damage to the truck, as a power line would rip right through the Fiberglass on the top of the truck.

So, you have shards of brown fiberglass where it came down?


I'm sure a UPS truck isn't so tall that it would tear down a power line, unless it was a make shift deal that you and your boy friend did and didn't have it high enough. When electricity was put in at the farm I grew up on, the power company ran the power lines from the top of a pole someplace out by the road to the top of the power pole in our back yard.

Guess what that line was still in the same location a few years ago as it was when I was a kid. I'm kind of thinking this is a case of you people running a line from the house to the pole shed without the knowledge of an electrician, therefore you most likely didn't have it high enough.

I don't see how if the power line did get pulled down, how it would make your house shake. Something is weird here.

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