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USPS and Fedex resumed delivery 4 days after Sandy in Sea Gate, Coney Island. Those bastards from UPS, I saw a track after a week or so and after that what they did they deserve to go to jail.

I ordered 2nd day delivery important items to fight the flood and mold in basement; the idiots did not want to deliver, but they did not inform Amazon that they will not deliver, they just had the merchandise one day out for delivery and after that they send it back to sender, saying that due to adverse weather conditions (what adverse conditions after Nov 12 to Nov 16?) they returned the merchandise. On Nov 16 they lied to my pharmacy that sends every month valuable injections (on ice) for my wife MS, saying to the pharmacy that I did not accept the package that's why they are returning it. Because their irresponsible action valuable medicine probably were ruined and besides that my wife did not get her treatment. Anybody knows how to and where to fill out compliant about this no good company?

The email received from their Customer Service says the same lie, that my merchandise were returned to sender because emergency conditions. Why they did not contact me to schedule a pick, why they did not try to deliver 3 times, I thought that their policy is to try 3 times and only after that to return to sender.

This company doesn't exist for my family, we will boycott them anywhere we can, we will not order from any vendor that uses UPS.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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