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I shipped an expensive musical instrument that was bubble wrapped inside its own hardshell case inside a shipping container. When the buyer got the instrument, it appeared a forklift blade went through the outer box and case and damaged the instrument.

UPS actually acknowledged the claim and agreed to pay the claim. However, it has been 2 months since the check was supposedly mailed and nothing. I have contacted them numerous times and was assured the check was in the mail. They even stopped payment on the first check and reissued it saying it must have gotten lost in the mail.

Well I don't know which mail service they use, but Pont Express could have deliverd it to China by now. I have used UPS hundreds of times over the years, but no more.

They have no intention of sending me a check. They hope that I'll get frustrated and give up.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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this has been a problem with UPS ans USPS since before Christmas, I had taken photos of a package with fork lift tire marks on it and another with cart wheel marks, they pissed an moaned until i met with postmaster and showed him photos, he denied it was from a fork lift, to bad for him I drive several models of forklifts for my job and had taken pictures of the tires, same tread, the UPS guy was more forthcoming. pretty sad consumers have to go to such lengths to get service, but i guess all the *** ripoffs have done them in

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