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1za3578t0377734894 UPS Tracking number ....I brought a pair of expensive sunglasses to a UPS Store it had them package it seal it ship it and insured it ..The recipient claims the package was empty and threw away the package. UPS claims because he threw away the package there is no insurance claim therefore no payment when they are the ones with packaged it. I find it incredibly hard to believe and I'm very upsetthis is pretty poor insurance to say the least....my opinion is don't use UPS...they are very poor company when it comes to insuring packages even when they package it at this point I don't know if the UPS employees took them or the recipient...but I'm out a lot of money

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Des Moines, Iowa, United States #589794

I tracked the shipper number you provided. UPS has sent a driver 3 times to your residence to see you and you have not been home.

The claim is still being processed! I say BS to you being so mad.

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