I ordered something from a 3rd party seller on Amazon. The guy shipped it UPS with signature confirmation which wasn't even mentioned in the ad. But anyway, checked the shipping info online and it said a delivery attempt was made, it's now at their office area. Tried calling to have them put it on hold until Monday when I could ***, I was on hold for about 20 minutes. So I just went up to that office 45 minutes out of my way to pick it up. The woman said they had it in the truck still and the driver wouldn't be back until 8-ish. Okay, so the website lied, I had her put a hold on it to deliver on Monday when I could ***. So I got home and checked the tracking info, it mentioned the hold was placed at 6:43pm. Checked again Saturday, that bit from Thursday was the last update still.

So Monday rolls around, I called the UPS office in the morning for an ETA and the woman said it'd be here midday. It never came. I poked my head out every so often to check if maybe they left a slip and I didn't hear a knock, but nothing. Called the office around 5:30 and the woman said the next delivery attempt is the next day, but they didn't even try to deliver it???

Oh but wait it gets better. These two women outright lied to me. I checked the tracking info to see what it said, and it had finally updated again (apparently at least 3-4 days behind) on Thursday about 43 minutes after it mentioned I had asked them to hold it until Monday to deliver, and what did it say? "THE RECEIVER DID NOT WANT THE ORDER AND REFUSED THIS DELIVERY / RETURNED TO SHIPPER", right after it mentioned I had them put it on hold. An hour or so after that, it did it's exit scan to the next facility to go back to it's place of origin that Thursday night!

Ahhhh that's fantastic, especially while the office was closed at the time I presumably didn't want to receive it, so there was no earthly way I could've made that request in the first place. I can see them sending it back after the final/3rd attempt, I'd understand that, but not after the first attempt after I asked them to put it on hold til Monday. Of course they're slow on updating that tracking information, so I wouldn't have seen it when I checked it over the weekend.

So I called the office again, the woman I was talking to this time was actually pretty sweet and did sound concerned, but she couldn't find an explanation. But the package was already back in its original area. Contacted the seller, awaiting a reply, keeping my fingers crossed he'll refund me the shipping as well, since I never even saw the package and it's not being "returned" to him in the conventional way. I missed work and waited around a whole day for something that was just going back to where it came from 'cause someone messed up in the office and they lied to me about a delivery time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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