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I live in an apartment complex and when we first got here, UPS delivered two packages directly to my door. Last month I waited all day for an overnight check from our mortgage closing, finally called the attorney who tracked down a tracking number for me and found out it had been delivered to our apartment's office hours earlier. No note, no nothing. It was marked "urgent delivery" and "confidential".

Filed a complaint online and was promised a call from the local center the next day... no call.

Now we're waiting on shoes for my son that we special ordered from a store last weekend. Called this evening and they said they'd been shipped UPS, but I'd have to wait for the manager to get the tracking # tomorrow. My guess... they're sitting in the apartment office.

While I'd appreciate notice from the apartment complex too, it isn't their job to ensure UPS delivers things to my apartment. Now I feel a need to inform family members that if they ever want to send us anything UPS (even a surprise), they'd better notify us and give us a tracking # because otherwise we'll never know it exists.

And, in case you're wondering, the complex doesn't encourage UPS to do this. They were pretty annoyed by it last time.

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We had the same experience UPS delivered packages to the gate of our farm. They now will not deliver unless we give the the gate code even though we called the Tumwater office to have these instructions given to the driver Still no package UPS in the last months will only deliver at their pleasure The farm won’t receive anything more thru UPS


I have the exact same problem, and i'm in the northern suburb of dc. we had a package come to our door, then we got notes that it was in the office from UPS, then nothing! that the ***, guys?


I am assuming there is not public access to your complex? THat you need a key or code or swipe card to get in? If this is the case then UPS would have had to go through the complex office, and it would be up to whoever was on duty at the time whether they took it or allowed them access to deliver to your door.

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