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I took a day off work to wait around for UPS since they can't give a time frame only "by end of day" ***. I constantly checked the tracking in case something changed. By 5:30 pm when I still didn't get a delivery after seeing a UPS guy throw trash on my sidewalk then drive away, I call UPS to make sure my package is coming. I was told YES, it'll be there by end of day, which is apparently 7:00 pm.

See the UPS truck parked down the block around 6:55 pm. Pissed I took off work, but no worries if he has my package. I'm practically stalking the guy, waiting for him to come out of the building. When he does and I asked him about my package he tells me NOPE, no package for me on his truck.

I call UPS back and I'm LIVID. This is the 2nd day I had to *** work to wait for them (first time was shipper's fault - sent wrong item). I'm told my package was left at the shipping center after it was scanned for delivery. UPS *** up but still can't make my package a priority and deliver it first thing in the morning. After wasting more time with rep, she sends me to her supervisor. All he can say is UPS can leave it by your door (SORRY NO. I live in an apt building) also my neighbors work too and even if they didn't, I can't ask someone to wait around ALL DAY for my package.

The supervisor also says if you don't get it tomorrow they can open an investigation for a lost package and contact the shipper. Um, the other rep already told me it's at the center. UPS *** UP AND I KNOW THIS. I tell him and say my package needs to be a priority now. This doesn't faze him and he just tells me he gave me important information (???) and to keep tracking the package. I'm so mad I want to cry and scream at the same time. I hate UPS. If I have a choice NEVER will I choose them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $319.

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