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UPS used to ring our bell and hand deliver our packages (with a smile no less!)

Now? They leave the package out in the rain in a plastic bag when I am home! They don't even bother to ring the bell or knock. And they don't walk the extra 10 feet to the side of the house to put it on a covered porch.

Today they "tried" to deliver a package we have to sign for. I was in the house all morning. When I went out at lunch time I found a notice on the front door that they had been here. No one rang the bell I would have heard it.

Now this is happening frequently. Called to complain and was asked if I had tracked the package so I would know when it was going to be delivered! Hello! Am I supposed to sit outside on the front steps and wait for them to show up when I think it might be delivered?

UPS just doesn't have good customer service. I am sick of them!

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dont worry about not getting yr parcel.. which i paid 60 dollars for del.

what about snooty attitude from aliens answering phone calls about yr concern 4 non delivery,,, why not employ aussie kids, 1 girl didnt understand my concerns about things so she hung up...

what the, nxt guy called me maaam,,, yew, and told me 2 write a note on letter box to say just leave here.... im sure all passers by would enjoy free present worth over 200 dollars, im sooo frustrated with this mob,,,heeelpp

Mahopac Falls, New York, United States #311313
I agree! Seems the delivery guy's always in a big hurry!

Sending pkgs overseas through their most expensive UPS Worldwide Expedited is a joke! If you track the pkg. it looks like it's travelling on a Greyhound bus, stopping at every place enroute; instead of flying directly to the destination country! After all what's the idea behind spending all that money if other cheaper alternatives are available which takes similar amount of time?

This is my first and last time as a UPS customer, thank you.

I'd rather stick to good ol' USPS! :( :(

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