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the ups delivered a package to my mom's house that was for the previous residents. She is old and extremely deaf so my brother and needed to take care of it.

My brother tried taking it to the ups store, but they wouldn't accept it. They said we would need to call and schedule a pick-up. I tried to do that, listening to many options that didn't fit, pressing "0" and talking to someone who put me on hold a long time.

Then they wanted to call me back, and asked for a lot of info on me. Finally I said this doesn't really involve me, I just want someone to pick up this package at my mom's, and they hung up on me!

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The topic of this post should have been "Mousavi DOESN'T CARE ABOUT GRAMMAR." Seriously? It took me 10 minutes to read through this post because of how terrible you are at the English language.

On another note, duh is right here. They delivered the package to the address that was on the label. Sorry the driver didn't see on the package: "Warning, resident is deaf." The UPS Store was right. They aren't going to ship something out for free because you claim there was a mistake.

Get over it. They said to call and schedule a pick-up, which actually would have worked had you tried it.. but no.. you wanted to do it your way and blame everyone else? UPS did their job, and you are a *** cry baby.


They delivered the item to the address on the label. Game over. They did their job.

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