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At least on 3 different occasions where I've purchased items from Ebay that shipped via UPS, the packages arrived with signs of being tossed or dropped/dragged. It's ridiculous.

Last week I bought something off Ebay and when I got the email with the UPS tracking number, I just had the worst feeling of "Please don't let it happen again!". The box arrived damaged....again! The other two times not only were the boxes damaged, the drivers never rang the doorbell. They simply left the packages outside the door and left.


Hows is this company still in business?? They can be faster than FedEx but I've never had problems with my items being abused by FedEx.

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You can question the submitter all you want, Paul, but I've seen UPS abusing packages firsthand. 2 drivers stopped in front of my house the other day and transferred some packages from one truck to the other--literally threw them from the road into the truck.

The drivers were also screaming at each other, but that's beside the point.

I'm not implying ALL drivers are like that, and I'm sure there are some excellent, careful people working for UPS, but sadly, that experience plus others convinced me to start using FedEx instead.


Are you saying that just the boxes themselves were damaged, but not the items inside? If it's just the boxes, who cares?

And did you ever think that perhaps the person you bought it from re-used a box that was already in bad shape?

Ebay sellers do that all the time to save money.

And yes, drivers do simply leave packages that don't require a signature, as do all carriers. Does the mail man ring your doorbell every time he delivers the mail?

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