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I recently orderd a package from and having opted for free delivery expected service from the U.S. postal service who at the end of the day express at least a degree of competence.

Instead I get U.P.S. Now I live in a town house in a (recently) bad neighborhood and my front door is in plain sight of about seven neighbors.

My backyard is private, obvious, and easily accessable.

My deliverman rang my doorbell three times in quick succesion and then left the package at my doorstep, in the three minute interim I before I could answer the door I teenager had ran off with the package (The UPS van's symbol was still visible from my location.) There is little more embarrasing than having to threaten children because of an adults obvious neglect, yet here I was scolding someone else's child to obtain a package that had my name on it within eyesight of a deliveryman who couldn't be bothered to care, A package that could have easily been placed in my backyard or in my postal box. At the end of the day U.P.S is offering a service that can easily be replaced anmd should not be trusted

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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It took you three minutes to answer the door? hahahah

Seriously though you're pretty clueless here, and no I don't work for UPS I just have common sense. Don't act like you lost money or something, UPS gives a refund when something is stolen.

Borzecin, Malopolskie, Poland #198665

The person you should be taking the problem up with is Amazon. They have what's called Shipper relaese on all free shipping.

It's doesn't matter if the package is to be delivered to the center of times square.

The UPS driver has to drop it and go. The driver has no choice.

Winston, Florida, United States #198606

Obviously these above comments were written by UPS drivers because the rest of us know that UPS is a steward of our packages and should not put them in a place that will leave them in harms way. The have to be put behind a bush or something like that. It is absolutely the drivers fault.


id reccommend getting a better job and moving out of that neighborhood lol.


If a package gets stolen, you get a refund, plain and simple.

I hope you realize that you're completely misplacing the blame here. Rather than blaming the thief who lives in your neighborhood, you blame the driver who doesn't have 3 minutes to wait for you to answer the door. (3 minutes to get to the door, really??)

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