Bend, Oregon

Had a loss last November. Somewhere along the UPS line their gorillas destroyed a shipped item that was packed according to their specifications and it was insured.

As it was a one of a kind item, had to immediately refund Buyer his money and freight charge. First, UPS tried to say it was not packed according to their regulations and denied the claim. Upon having to review pictures of the packing, destroyed box (elephant sat on it?), and the item, they agreed it was packed correctly. That was Dec 31, 2008.

Sent them by their fax number documented claim form on January 8, 2009. Called several times to person handling it, said was being process and check would go out "very soon". Called again 2/13/09, and person no longer works for them. Show claim was approved, but show no file nor claim form received, therefore can do nothing.

Told me to resubmit claim for and they would follow through. When, after they are bankrupt, which I understand is where they are heading. Local employees say they have lost business to other companies and are not busy at all. Because of their attitude, we have switched to Fed-X and LOVE IT - much cheaper (20%+) and much better personalized service at the receiving station.

I'm having other merchants tell me they almost never get paid by UPS on claims, give up, and change to Fed-X.

Most of our incoming is now coming Fed-X rather than UPS. Another ICON about to *** the dust.

Monetary Loss: $275.

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I feel your pain, my mother shipped me a package of my wedding belongings that I paid to insure for the value of my merchandise. Long story short Ups lost my package, told me my clai was pending payment, then I was told that the security department needs more info, but never requested anything else. I had all my paper work, ups shows they had my package in their system and now its gone,and I am being toyed with about completing my claim like most the individuals are on this and MANY


I work for UPS PR and saw your post. Let me know if you'd like help with the claim. You can contact me at


sorry to hear your ups service sucks mine is quite awesome and our driver has made sure any problems were taken care of