After selling an expensive item (Chicago Bears Walter Payton Autographed full size helmet) That I purchased Insurance on Friday, July 3, 2009 thru UPS in the amount of a declared value of $2,000.00 at a cost of $34.07 UPS(Tracking#)1z610X754219780041. When buyer received item on July 10, 2009 it was destroyed. Buyer returned item to me on July 13, 2009 in original packaging and original box and put box inside of another box for return shipping and received on July 15, 2009. After receiving item I contacted UPS like I was instructed by UPS Representative to put the claim thru on the insurance but UPS refused to investigate the item and denied claim because it was returned back to me (1st Excuse). After a phone call to UPS's corporate office on July 17, 2009 I spoke to John Kinnary, John advised me to contact UPS's insurance, which is Crawford. I called Crawford on July 17, 2009 and spoke with William Porterfield, William asked me to forward pictures of damaged item and packing material and I did. It took 3 attempts and many phone calls on my end to get any responses from Crawford. Then on July 20, 2009 Charles Reed from Crawford called me to tell me the claim was denied, due to the fact that the bubbles that were used were not big enough (2nd excuse). I contacted BBB in Atlanta, GA and filed a complaint on 7/30/09 on 8/3/09 I received a response from BBB that UPS denied the claim again, because item ". The item was packaged in a plastic container with no cushioning inside the plastic container" (3rd excuse). The helmet is in an acrylic case that is designed to hold it secure.

The packing of the helmet is as follows: The helmet comes in the acrylic case which is protecting the helmet and the autographed. The case which is containing the helmet had bubble wrap and popcorn to cushion the item entirely, which I have pictures of via e-mail to William Portfield due to his request of wanting to see pictures of packing material. At this point I am beside myself. I have also filed a claim with Illinois Attorney General Office "Lisa Madigan". I am hoping someone will hear my case and many others that I found on different pages of the internet and do something about UPS's way of NOT handling claims and making up lies so they don't have to refund peoples money.

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UPS never paid a claim for me either. Worse part is, the item was repairable or salvageable for parts, but UPS picked up the item to investigate it and returned it to the shipper.

He offered to forward it to me if I paid the freight, but it really wasn't worth it.

Do not let UPS pick up a damaged package. Make them inspect it at your location!


After Reading some of the complaints against UPS and Myself having to go to Small Claims Court against them with Success I do want to give everybody a heads up that when and if you take your claim to court have all your documents in line like Receipts,pics,names of people you talked to at UPS and etc because the judge will want to see it all and if you have all your stuff in order you will win the case. The more people let UPS see that they can't shaft the Little Guy maybe they will change the way they do business and they will HONOR their Oblication to pay for what they damage..GOOD LUCK TO ALL and if anybody needs any info post a message here and I will get back to you because I check the postings about twice a week..


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I sold a boat motor on ebay motors. I paid UPS $50.00 to pack it for me.

The total shipping cost was $125.00 Dollars with insurance and packing fees. The motor got damaged in shipment and now UPS will not pay the claim. After looking into UPS claim dept. They will take your money for insurance but do not pay claims.

Rip off big time. I shipped a bose system last month and it got damage in shipment It was shipped in two boxes plus double boxed and a whole lot of bubble wrap and it still got damaged in shippment.

You guessed it Ups will not pay the claim. How long will our goverment keep letting this company rip off the people.


My wife sent a package via UPS, had it professionally packaged & insured. Arrived damaged & guess what?

They are denying the claim. Coincidentally, I worked a few shifts for UPS as a driver's helper this holiday season. I saw first hand how terribly they treat packages. One of the drivers told me to save a few steps and throw the package to the doorstep.

He also told me they never pay insurance claims. I will never use UPS again and after reading one post I think I will take them to small claims court too.


Following up on the Bears Helmet damaged by UPS,I went to court against UPS yesterday and went before the Judge and pleaded my case,after a 25 minute delay because UPS sent a represenative with the promise that their Lawyer was going to show up in 10 minutes but never showed up. The Judge became mad and started the Trial with both parties explaining their story's.After both story's being explained and all the evidence being displayed the Judge found in my favor and awarded the case to me and the whole amout including court cost's,so to make a long story short the judicial system works and show's the big million dollar company's that they can't get away with shafting the little guy.So if anybody has a high dollar package destroyed or Lost/Stolen by these carrier companys take it to court and let the Judge figure it out..


Sorry but the correct Court date is December 22 Tuesday..


As owner of the Bears Helmet that was damaged by UPS and writer of the original complaint I finally recieved a Court Date for small claims court and its on Tuesday December 11..I will let everybody know the outcome at the end..


Same trouble here, would like to find out if there is a class action suit coming up. Have had trouble with Ups and same thing, no go on insurance.

We pay these companies to do a good job and take care of our freight and extra insurance and expect the service as anyone would expect service paid for in any other business. We have a business and send a lot of stuff by different carriers and less trouble it seems. Also got some inside scoop from someone who knows their operation and Wow does not sound good the way the freight is handled. Also have a supplier who always sent us stuff through another carrier, never any trouble, then they switched to Ups and three times out of the last 5 , parcels were literally blown apart/ parts missing and damaged.

The company we deal with has always packed stuff extremely well and still does. It is pure abuse of the packages.


I have just underwent a similar situation with UPS -- damaged package, claim denied (because I did not save the bubble pack. Mind you, no one from UPS has shown any interest in examining the shipping box.

I'm currently considering filing a small claims action. If a class action is filed, I'll sign me up without hesitation.






Well, guess what happens after you file a claim? They will never deliver to your address again unless you are home to sign for the delivery.

Just got off the phone with a Supervisor and discovered that our address has a "Level 4" and the Supervisor didn't know how to get it off. She went on to say that she knew it sucked and that it stays with the address forever - idiots! She went on to add that anyone moving to my address would face the same delivery hassles!

It has been more than 5 years since my claim was filed. This company SUCKS!!!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #80421

U.P.S. was called "One of the 10 Forces Flattening the World" by Thomas Friedman in his 2005 book "The World is Flat".

The iconic image on the cover of that book was the painting titled "I Told You So" by Ed Miracle. I sell canvas prints of I Told You So, and in August U.P.S. totally flattened one of my shipments, destroying the print.

They denied my insurance claim, citing "insufficient packaging". I'll join a class action suit.


Just went though a huge ordeal with UPS over a damaged guitar. Spent weeks on the phone with them trying to figure everything out.

They finally told me there was nothing they would do for me. I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau in Atlanta Georgia and my UPS office got back to me the next day. They asked for pictures, I sent them and this morning they told me they approved my claim. Once I get my money I will post the persons name, email and phone # to contact about your claims directly.

Don't want to do anything to keep me from getting my money after this long battle. Don't give up!!! UPS needs to be stopped!!!

Boycott them all together. Instance should be honored no matter what, that is why you pay for it!!!

Caldwell, New Jersey, United States #75873

Same thing happened to me. A Class Action Lawsuit is a possibility.

I'm about to make my call to a Sanford Dumain @ Milberg, LLC. I'm just fed up with the claims being deny when it should have been paid.

Big BROWN GIANT CHEATS! Not good PR, just not good.


I sent a 36lb box of King Salmon Steaks to my mother and insured the shipment for $500. She, a 72 year old woman waited at the door from 7:00am to 11:00pm for the delivery with her door open wide with only a screen between her and the front doormat.

The UPS driver claims to have left the item at the door at 3:07pm. Once I filed a claim for the lost item A member of the local UPS office called my mother and harassed her saying that the item was stolen from under her nose and "why didn't you call the police if was stolen after it was delivered". My mother did not leave the house and the manager of the elderly housing units never saw a UPS driver enter the premises. This "We left it at the door" excuse is the most bogus out that UPS has in denying claims.

It's drivers have every ability to steal items of value. My box was 36lbs of fish from Alaska delivered next day air, so of course it was valuable. Please email me at captpaul.hannan@gmail.com if you wish to join me in a class action suit against UPS for fraud. My mother is the wife of a Harvard Law classmate of Justice Stephen Bryer of the US Supreme Court.

Her brother in law was a famous Supreme Court Justice from New Jersey. Let's giv'm some ***!!!

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #66043

Okay..filed small claims against UPS..I go to court Sept. 29-09, I will keep informed how it goes.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #65351

UPS being self insured by Crawford is like having the chicken ranchers judging the chicken thieves. UPS lost my package insured for $2000 and they refuse to pay my claim, they left it without a signature delivery..Pamela Robinson from Crawford was the most unhelpful person I have ever dealt with and had no interest in the facts..all she was interested in was denying my claim..We need a class action NOW..sign me up.


The following is cut and pasted from my current appeal filed with UPS for a claim that they have denied. (obviously I can't post the photos here), and I would love to be involved in a class action law suit. They are making substantial profit off of insurance that they are not honoring and have NO intention of honoring.

On July 20th, 2009, I shipped a pastel drawing of a Great Dane Dog via UPS from the Jantzen Beach,

Oregon Office Depot. Tacking number 1ZE4F7300300070593.

I tracked the box through the UPS journey to its intended destination, which was a dog rescue in Illinois.

I was alarmed when the UPS system said on July 24, 2009 at 8:45am in Hodgkins, IL, that “THE PACKAGE




I was greatly concerned, as it is in theory only one item. There shouldn’t have been anything to “discard”.

I picked up the returned package from Kathy at the aforementioned Office Depot this morning, August 5,


I packaged this framed and matted pastel drawing with highly flexible acrylic and an aluminum frame

with special springs in the tracks of the backside of the framed work, which also secured this item. I

packed it so tightly in its outer cardboard casing that is was impossible for the work to slip out of the box.

In order to get it out, it required either cutting the box open on all but one side or a fairly significant

amount of force pulling to get it out.

In addition the orientation of the picture in the box itself was different upon return than when shipped. I

had placed the picture so that the tallest portion of the picture was standing vertical in the shortest part

of the box. When I received the package today the tallest part of the picture was oriented to the tallest

part of the box.

The box has suffered no damage and all the original tape from my shipping was securely in place and

attached to the box, except where it had been cut open on one end and then clear tape was used over it to

seal it again.

The drawing inside looked like a small tire had been driven back AND forth on it, due to the marks on the

white mat that flowed in both directions. One corner of the frame was unattached and unhooked from

the rest of the frame.. The clear acrylic cover was completely missing and there where a few loose shards

of GLASS in the box (let me reiterate, I use flexible acrylic not GLASS). Additionally all 12 of the springs

that secure the drawing inside the aluminum frame were missing.

This box was cut opened and the picture was pulled out for some reason. Someone had to take the clips

out in order to get the unbreakable acrylic out and unscrew at least one corner of the frame to accomplish

this. Why they supposedly “threw away” springs that were impossible to damage, the acrylic and then

dropped glass shards into the box is unfathomable to me. (Please note that I have included a picture of

the Picture complete before, Picture damaged after, Image of springs referenced, Image of shards of glass

side by side with acrylic I use, Image of acrylic flexibility, Thickness of frame, Thickness of package, Pieces

of glass from box (Ms. Ferguson did indicate that she discarded 2 shards as well), Box front as returned,

Box back as returned

I have included images to show the flexible acrylic I use to ship art, the drawing before and after. The

frame damage. Images of the springs that were used in the frame. Pictures of the width of the box with a

quarter for scale and pictures of the width of the frame on the painting for scale to show that it was in the

box tightly and that is was physically impossible for it to “slip” out.

I was required by UPS’s system to purchase insurance, and on the UPS website, under “Declared Value”, I

quote, “Gain peace of mind with extra protection for your domestic packages and international


I reiterate in summation: Due to the lack of damage to the box it was shipped in and the damage to the

drawing; the framed art physically had to be out of the box when the damage occurred. As witnessed by

Kathy at Office Depot, the way the drawing is secured in the box, it is impossible for the item to slip out. A

significant amount of force is required to PULL it out. The original tape is secure and undisturbed on all

sides but one where it was sliced open and then taped over with clear tape.

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