After selling an expensive item (Chicago Bears Walter Payton Autographed full size helmet) That I purchased Insurance on Friday, July 3, 2009 thru UPS in the amount of a declared value of $2,000.00 at a cost of $34.07 UPS(Tracking#)1z610X754219780041. When buyer received item on July 10, 2009 it was destroyed. Buyer returned item to me on July 13, 2009 in original packaging and original box and put box inside of another box for return shipping and received on July 15, 2009. After receiving item I contacted UPS like I was instructed by UPS Representative to put the claim thru on the insurance but UPS refused to investigate the item and denied claim because it was returned back to me (1st Excuse). After a phone call to UPS's corporate office on July 17, 2009 I spoke to John Kinnary, John advised me to contact UPS's insurance, which is Crawford. I called Crawford on July 17, 2009 and spoke with William Porterfield, William asked me to forward pictures of damaged item and packing material and I did. It took 3 attempts and many phone calls on my end to get any responses from Crawford. Then on July 20, 2009 Charles Reed from Crawford called me to tell me the claim was denied, due to the fact that the bubbles that were used were not big enough (2nd excuse). I contacted BBB in Atlanta, GA and filed a complaint on 7/30/09 on 8/3/09 I received a response from BBB that UPS denied the claim again, because item ". The item was packaged in a plastic container with no cushioning inside the plastic container" (3rd excuse). The helmet is in an acrylic case that is designed to hold it secure.

The packing of the helmet is as follows: The helmet comes in the acrylic case which is protecting the helmet and the autographed. The case which is containing the helmet had bubble wrap and popcorn to cushion the item entirely, which I have pictures of via e-mail to William Portfield due to his request of wanting to see pictures of packing material. At this point I am beside myself. I have also filed a claim with Illinois Attorney General Office "Lisa Madigan". I am hoping someone will hear my case and many others that I found on different pages of the internet and do something about UPS's way of NOT handling claims and making up lies so they don't have to refund peoples money.

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Shipped a 42" plasma full coverage insurance. It got to my house shattered, Styrofoam broken, packages as was from store...damage claim denied for improper packaging...**** ups. Go out of business or get better customer service.


Shipped HP computer that cost $392 ups only willing to pay $120 that is really crazy


Shipped high value freight via UPS from The UPS Store. Properly packed in manufacturer's crate.

Insured for $1,750 which is less than replacement value (my choice). UPS damaged it - total loss.

No dispute from The UPS Store or UPS that the item was damaged, that I bought insurance or the value. They have offered me $100 for the $1,750 loss - take it or leave it.


I am done with UPS!! Shipped a $1,000 motor piece that never made it to it's destination.

Had it tracked and they last place they tracked it to was a UPS facility where it was suppose to get on a truck for delivery. Showed it never that facility. Found the box that it was packed in inside of a truck but no carburetor. Was told that the box was not suffice.

We asked to have the box back so we could see (we know it was boxed plenty good) but was told they tossed it. Never got a dime in insurance money, basically was told "sorry". Obviously it was stolen, but UPS takes no responsibility what so ever. Last possession showed being at a UPS sorting facility and on a truck.

Just makes their standard claimed denied for failure to properly box item. At least show us the box if that's the case. But of course they threw it away (because I'm sure it was cut open) Today, was suppose to have a delivery by 10:30 am but it never left the facility in Maine. Was told from there that the truck was never unloaded at the facility (found it after the plane had left).

AGain, UPS takes no responsibility. Claimed it was scanned in after the cut off time - well duh, it was left in the truck (mine wasn't the only one - quite a few of these were left in this truck as well). Again, claims no responsibility for their mistake. Oh well, you will have it tomorrow.

Funny thing is, it still shows up on tracking as in transit, to be delivered on time. I am done with them...


UPS lost a $500 package of mine at the beginning of the year and refused to pay for it. They said they couldn't verify to value of the item.

Even though I insured it for a $1000. When I tried to track the package it said it never even left the Office Depot drop off point. I went to the Office Depot to investigate myself. The manager refused to even look around for the package.

Now UPS is holding one of my wedding gifts hostage because no one can be home between 2-5pm Mon-Fri because we both work.

I will never use their services again. EVER!


UPS killed my MPC 4000. Insured for $1000.

I had pictures of the unit working with a dated newspaper that I used when sold on e-bay. Packaged with bubble wrap (20'of it!), peanuts and cardboard buffers, in a box that was double sided and more than ample for all that plus the manual and cord. Unit arrived at the buyer non-functioning. UPS picked up and then deemed the packaging was not approved and denied the claim.

I submitted another claim, which required pictures of the packaging and unit not working. Once the package was returned I was able to take a picture of their packing job. Bubble wrap just thrown on top of the unit, not wrapped. Half of the peanuts were missing, interior boxes were folded up and a few pieces of tape to hold everything together.

Now I have a broken MPC, paid for shipping plus insurance, paypal fees and ebay posting fees. I'm out $1400.

I'd settle to get the thing fixed rather than replaced. I think UPS provides two buttons on company supplied keyboards: Deny Claim and Enter.


I have an AV receiver damaged by UPS. Heavy metal case dented like a direct drop on concrete corner.

Of course UPS denied the claim and say the box is not strong enough. But such damage is unbelievable.

Now with less foam inside than when I shipped and ruined box yet it can be safely returned in the same damaged condition. Go figure.


I have been shipping (and receiving) various items with UPS for the last 20 years or so. I have never had anything damaged during that time.

I question any person who makes a claim...especially when it's insured for a high dollar amount. Most people know to have UPS pack it and use the ship promise if it is anything more than a few hundred dollars.

to 4Justice #593027

What planet do you in


Just filed a claim with ups, had seven parts shipped to me in a box. One part missing, hole in box, plus more damage.

Got a return email stating they couldn't begin process because I didn't give them the tracking number. I tried re-entering a claim, but couldn't because it was being scanned. Also from there email, they stated that they were sorry my shipment was lost. IT WASN'T LOST, AND I GAVE THEM THE TRACKING# ALREADY.



I too am going through a nightmare with a UPS shipping insurance claim. They completely ruined a "bullet proof" gun case that was packaged by a UPS store (they did not offer a "ship promise" and still do not at that particular branch) and then had the packaged inspected by a terminal branch before shipping. They will not pay the claim and give me a different bs excuse they make up each time I call them. I have flown all over north america with this case and the airlines never as so much put a single scratch in it and UPS managed to completely destroy it. I will never use UPS again and highly recommend no one else does either.

Sounds like "Rob" and "Mike the Liar" who made comments previously work for UPS. Sad the company spends more effort defending complaints then actually looking/honoring them.

Never use UPS...


You people are all morons Claims for every shipping company work the same. You must pack things accordingly or they will break.

Items cannot be within 4 inches of touching the sides of the box. Breakables need to be bubble wrapped accordingly and items should not touch surface to surface. You cannot win claims when you ship *** in old boxes. You cannot win claims in which you don't have items professionally packed.

UPS, FED EX, Post office, ship millions of packages each day. They treat every package the same. They do not care if there are breakables inside. It is your job to pack them correctly.

Pillows and towels and clothing do not count as approved packing materials. Items over 1200 dollars should be double boxed. There a million reasons why your claims were denied and all of them have to do with ignorance. You people seriously think you can use towels to protect china sets in old boxes from your garages.

You write this side up on boxes and think that your package across country will stay that side up. You are out of your god *** minds. You make me sick. UPS pays claims all the time.

You need to follow the rules and you will. If you just a pay to have it packed by a ups store, they have a pack and ship promise with ups so you cannot get denied. And another thing, just because you pay 20 dollars for $2,000 in insurance, doesn't mean ups owes you 2000.

If anything, they'd owe you your 20 dollars. Don't be ignorant with packing and shipping and stop ***

to Rob #593029

You don't know what you are talking about, I just an insurance refusal from UPS Crawford they stated that the box has to have 2" of packing around the item not 4"

Also how can they dismiss a slim for not packed or rectify father the buyer removes it from the box

to Rob Chicago, Illinois, United States #621360

I have witnessed our UPS pickup driver drop and I mean drop from his shoulder (he did not use both hands or handcart)a very expensive piece of medical equipment, which had 4 inches of factory packaged foam surrounding unit. I should have stopped him right there.

But unit was delivered next day to client with a malfunctioning break...(we inspect before shipping). Does not matter how you pack it...I love when I ship 3-4 boxes to one customer and one box never makes its destination...I now put declare on everything over $100.


Mike, you have so many factual errors, darling, hate to say it, but plain and simple, you're a liar.

If you have a package packed at a The UPS Store location, UPS will NOT deny the claim, ever! It's in their contract. Those stores get a presumption of proper packing and all store packed claims are paid. Period.

Also note claims are not denied based on UPS valuation, especially not if you have a closed eBay sale confirming the cost. Fact.

Now if on the other hand you poorly packed something, and expect the store to know you're a fool, then maybe you should be more up front when shipping and then your package can STILL be charged for excess declared value for, wiat now....LOSS. Yes even with Mike's terrible packing if the package is lost, the covergae will pay for loss.


Yeah UPS denied my claim too when an iPhone I sold on eBay was damaged in shipment. I let the store pack it since I had already had a claim denied in the past.

And what a suprise, the screen was cracked when it got the buyer. They asked me for pictures and a receipt which I provided as well as the order details from eBay showing the price the phone sold for. They said they didn't feel the phone was worth the $400, which was what I declared the value of the phone even though the original receipt I provided showed a value of over $700, and the eBay receipt showed the phone sold for over $400. They said since they didn't agree with the price of the declared value, they could not give me anything.

UPS's whole insurance program is a total and complete scam, a racket for them to charge their customers an extra $5-20 on each shipment. Even if you do pack your shipment well yourself, you have don't stand a chance of them honoring your claim. The stores will never inform you that your packing materials will not provide sufficient protection, while they will happy charge you the extra money for insurance costs. And even if they do, which happens once in a blue moon based on my experience (and I have shipped hundreds of things at least 20 different stores) and you have them pack it for you UPS will still deny the claim, and still say the packing materials weren't sufficient or make up some other lie or excuse just like they did to me and everyone else here.

Something should really be done about this. UPS is as big a crook as anyone I know.


I purchased a Bose system via ebay. Seller insured it.

UPS destroyed it during transit. I filed a claim, UPS picked in up and returned it to the shipping store across the country, denied the claim, and made me pay for the shipping store to return my package to me.


I too will use Fedex or USPS from now on. My story is same as above stories.

Item was damaged and claim was denied.

Has UPS ever paid a claim? I was told by an ex UPS employee that they acctually play baseball with the packages useing one to bat the other.


I have a nightmare also. Too long to type here, long and short of it, ups lost my package I was trying to claim, have been lied to and lied to over and over.

I spent $32 on insurance.

They lost it and now won't pay. I will never use them again they are perpetrating fraud on us,


I received damaged goods shipped via UPS. Package had obvious outer damage..

Inner goods were visible through container Broken of course... I just refused to accept package,, The ball in in their court..

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