After selling an expensive item (Chicago Bears Walter Payton Autographed full size helmet) That I purchased Insurance on Friday, July 3, 2009 thru UPS in the amount of a declared value of $2,000.00 at a cost of $34.07 UPS(Tracking#)1z610X754219780041. When buyer received item on July 10, 2009 it was destroyed. Buyer returned item to me on July 13, 2009 in original packaging and original box and put box inside of another box for return shipping and received on July 15, 2009. After receiving item I contacted UPS like I was instructed by UPS Representative to put the claim thru on the insurance but UPS refused to investigate the item and denied claim because it was returned back to me (1st Excuse). After a phone call to UPS's corporate office on July 17, 2009 I spoke to John Kinnary, John advised me to contact UPS's insurance, which is Crawford. I called Crawford on July 17, 2009 and spoke with William Porterfield, William asked me to forward pictures of damaged item and packing material and I did. It took 3 attempts and many phone calls on my end to get any responses from Crawford. Then on July 20, 2009 Charles Reed from Crawford called me to tell me the claim was denied, due to the fact that the bubbles that were used were not big enough (2nd excuse). I contacted BBB in Atlanta, GA and filed a complaint on 7/30/09 on 8/3/09 I received a response from BBB that UPS denied the claim again, because item ". The item was packaged in a plastic container with no cushioning inside the plastic container" (3rd excuse). The helmet is in an acrylic case that is designed to hold it secure.

The packing of the helmet is as follows: The helmet comes in the acrylic case which is protecting the helmet and the autographed. The case which is containing the helmet had bubble wrap and popcorn to cushion the item entirely, which I have pictures of via e-mail to William Portfield due to his request of wanting to see pictures of packing material. At this point I am beside myself. I have also filed a claim with Illinois Attorney General Office "Lisa Madigan". I am hoping someone will hear my case and many others that I found on different pages of the internet and do something about UPS's way of NOT handling claims and making up lies so they don't have to refund peoples money.

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Shipped a jetski motor with ups 4K value I paid for the insurance and my motor wasn't damaged it was missing .The box was cut open with a razor blade and taped back up .

My claim was denied Because of the packaging .Well the packaging Didn't have anything to do with there employees being ******* thieves

Santa Rosa, California, United States #803080

UPS did not do anything for the broken camera I received in the mail a few years ago.It was packaged very secure and with plenty of foam and bubbles.

The camera is a used large broadcast Panasonic worth about $1500 dollars at the time, it came with a padded carrying case around it, made for the camera's protection inside a huge box with a lot of packing material. It came with the box completely damaged and the cameras eyepiece was shatterd, they would have to really bang and toss this around to cause this kind of damage. I opened the package the instant I received it and saw the damages and opened a case, I followed the instructions directly from UPS and sent pictures exactly like they wanted including the damaged box and camera. I called UPS back with a few weeks to check on the status and they said They could not give me any information, they could only give information to the sender.

I was told to look on the website for the status. When I get to the website there is a little progress line that shows status of claim. the first step is claimed opened then claim being reviews then processed and then a payout to the sender not to the receiver. the status never changed for months about a year I would say.

I tried several times to get more information and the ups person would tell me "Sorry sir we cannot give out any information to you as the receiver nor can we do anything else with any of your requests. They kept informing be each time I called...

So to make a long story short I had to put my faith in the UPS system which to this day about 3years later have not heard from them. I have noticed after about a year the status of my claim no longer exists and I never really new what happened the sender said they never contacted him, he thought it was already approved and paid. Well I then realized it is too late now for any kind compensation. I feel this was borderline criminal activity.

I will Never have faith in UPS again. I wish there was some recourse. They should not be able to get away with this, but obviously they do. They should of at least notified me after numerous times of checking the status of the claim that it was going to expire or end and not just wipe it off the website with no explanation.

I didn't realize they could just hit the delete button and forget about there customer.

This seems so unconventional and illegal when they at least owe an explanation for not paying out the claim.

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I am sorry to hear about the issue you had, but the moment you mention the purchaser returned the item to you before you submitted the claim, it was clear you weren't going to be covered.You paid for insurance to ship the item.

It was received damaged. The claim should have been initiated at that time. But when it was shipped again, I assume it was not insured. UPS has no way to know it was not damaged on the return trip -- how could they?

You can call that an "excuse" but it's a standard business practice. I've had UPS pay out on claims with no problems at all.

I call them the moment I get a damaged item and they have me send pictures of the item and damaged packaging.


yes UPS must take our packages and just throw *** like there is nothing in it...how long are they going to get away with it..

and in response to MR UPS GUY..

UPS wont even cover damages to merchandise THEY PACKAGE!..so what is mr ups guys response to that???

Vancouver, Washington, United States #652257

oops sorry about that my dad kept me up all night su.,cking his co.,ck and I'm grumpy and taking it out on everybody.

to Dark_Shaft Seattle, Washington, United States #652621

lmao, how cute, a stalker. guess getting bent over repeatedly has caused you some angst, sweetie.

Denton, Maryland, United States #652069

They just destroyed a $3000 floatation tank and lost 2 of the 3 items.They are NOW telling me they are only liable for $1 a pound after the rep and website says items are covered up to $25 a pound.


I'll be filing in small claims court and have them served.

They will not send an attorney at an hourly price to show up in court.They will pay for this!

to Dean Vancouver, Washington, United States #652199

lol, good luck with that, clown.

to Dean Allendale Charter Township, Michigan, United States #679613

file in small claims but be aware of the upper small claims limits.you my want to file in district court to increase the compensation.you will be made whole if you have good evidence.they are bulling their customers into apathy for the sake of saving money.you're just the kind of person they hate to see.being pissed and venting is one thing but doing something for redress is the answer.by the way Dark_Shaft appears to be a UPS employee assigned to spin retoric against anyone who has a legitament complaint.it's a second line of defense against consumers who fight them.pretty transparent stuff.they're just not bright enough to play their own game.


Lol, i understand a few of the complaints, but some are outrageous.People claim they packed things well, but rarely do they.

I work for a UPS Store and we professionally package items for customers, for a cost of course. It is not my job to inspect your package or make sure you packed it up properly. However, we will usually always let you know if we think it needs more packaging. Most of the time people will constantly complain about the price of packing and attempt to do it their self.

All the sudden the package gets damaged in transit and its all UPS's fault. Maybe its because u didnt use enough material or cheaped out and used newspaper instead of packing peanuts or bubble wrap. Packages go down miles and miles of conveyor belts with tons of other boxes, and that is where most damage occurs.

So remember next time you scream at the driver, just know that it probably got on his truck in the *** condition.I pack high valued, fragile items everyday and very rarely do they get damaged.

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