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I shipped my almost new plotter from UPS store # 1009 to zip code 99669, and purchased $500 in insurance just to be safe. I paid a little over $200 to ship the package, but it would be ok if the plotter was received undamaged.

They denied my claim because it was not packaged properly. Let me tell you how I packaged it. I bought 4 comfy shock adsorbent pillows at Walmart to cover the 4 major sides and wrapped a soft blanket around the entire plotter to ensure it would not get broke. It fit perfectly and was extremely snug with padding all around and would have to be thrown into oncoming traffic to be broken.

The package arrived with a big punch hole on the top and the UPS driver said it must have suffered a blow and didnt know how it happened. Nothing was thought of it because of how much padding was inside the box. I opened it and the paper guide was completely off but it clamps together so no biggie there. I turn it on and cartridges will not move and makes loud clicking noise now!!

INSURANCE DENIED! They said if I would have wrapped it in bubble wrap it would have been accepted. REALLY! Bubble wrap is better packaging material then 4 pillows and a blanket?????

I call B.S. I am going to make some YouTube videos showing how much of a blow it must have suffered to break with all the packaging materials. I am also going to make a video showing how bubble wrap would have been no comparison to my packaging.

Moral of the story is UPS insurance is a scam.


BBB is next, this insurance fraud has to stop. Only reason I shipped it because I trusted UPS better then Alaska Air but none of my other stuff was broken on Alaska Air JUST UPS!!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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