Miami, Florida

I will never again use UPS. I was supposed to receive a package last week and it didn't arrive I called to find out where the package was and found out the driver said the package had the wrong street and I confirmed the street and it was 100% correct.

There was no ERROR! This was on Friday and UPS stated they were sorry and that I would receive the package on Tuesday. I waited around all day on Tuesday and still no package. I called them and I was told it was now a lost package and that they couldn't find it.

Then after talking to two different supervisors I finally was told oh wait I have it right here in front of me. There was no explanation on why I didn't receive the package and to top that off I was told SIR if it really is that important why don't you just come here and pick it up.

I then asked to talk to the complaint department and was told UPS doesn't have one.

This will be the last time I use UPS.

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I ordered something off Amazon. My address clearly states that it's a Post Office box but UPS still accepted the package and then tried to deliver it to an address I hadn't lived in for years.

Then they wanted me to go pick it up! I refused and got a refund instead.

Let their dumb *** deal with it. UPS is dumb!


UPS must stand for Undelivered Parcel Systems. They are the most incompetent, inept bunch of *** I have ever dealt with.

It is pretty sad when the Postal Service delivers a parcel over two weeks before UPS can deliver a parcel and I had to go pick up the parcel from UPS or I probably still would not have gotten it. They are liars and do not care about anything but taking our money. I have informed the people who I deal with that they are NEVER to use UPS when shipping items to me since my experience with them. I spent hours on the phone attempting to get an honest answer from them.

I waited at home for days for the item.

I will NEVER use UPS again because there are the WORST delivery service in the WORLD!!! :(


Today my UPS parcel was on truck for delivery. I stayed home the WHOLE day waiting for it. When I went to check the status online, it said that "RECEIVER'S LOCATION IS VACANT" ... really?

So I go out of my house and found the UPS truck around the corner, being towed away because it had broken down.

I called UPS and they say they will deliver tomorrow... NVM that I stayed home the whole day.


LIAR! I was home and NO POSTCARD was left. After a few minutes I get a call from UPS to go pick up the parcel "if I want" to their location... wow, the package made it that far in just a few minutes?

So I went and got it... the box was in horrible conditions... UPS sucks! :(


I paid for next day air for the A.M. delivery & the package showed up on the porch at 7:55 P.M.

not very good service for 1LBS at $23.00 bucks.

Everything I order, shipped by you guys shows up after 6:00 P.M. I think from now on Fed-X will get my shipping, they delivery next day air here by noon.






Worst shipper ever.


A month ago I received a line drawing in a UPS tube which had been distroyed by UPS. I put in a claim and was told only the shipper could help me.

I have sent pictures of the damage a quote to try to fix it. This line drawing comes with our yacht and there is no value that I can give them.

They are refusing to pay to repair the drawing. The store in Seattle WA have tried to explain it goes on deaf ears each person gives you a different answer even to the UPS store go to Fedex at least they have a great tracking department and claims.


My sister sent me a package through UPS containing all kinds of personal items for my birthday. I live in a rural area with quite a bit of property - I have a chain link fence surrounding the property, but the gate is never close - The UPS guy delivered the package/documented it as delivering to the house, but left it by the gate outside of the fence next to a busy road.

Of course, the package was stolen - as there was a nice big huge package just sitting next to the road near a fence. MY SISTER AND I WILL NEVER USE UPS AGAIN!

All this delivery guy had to do was come down the driveway and put it on the front step or at the garage door - SOMEWHERE where it was safe - and NOT sitting near a road waiting to be stolen. Their employees must be *** as who would do something this careless??


I loathe this shipping company. They keep trying to deliver packages in the middle of the day when we are at work.

Because they only make 3 attempts, I have to have them hold the packages in a crummy out of the way industrial city where I can pick them up. I should be on their payroll with the number of packages I have helped to deliver (by picking up my own boxes). They left us their door tag where their driver told us they woul deliver the package on Monday, Memorial Day. Of course, we could not get ahold of a live person for days.

When we did, they told us they don't deliver on Memorial Day. Since we sacrificed our day to be home for the package, we asked if they would wave the relocation fee. Even the manager claimed to not have the authority to do that. Horrible customer service.

I never use it by choice. Every time I deal with them they prove that this is a wise choice!



1. I paid approx. double shipping ($55) for a small part urgently needed for a customer repair fob NY to AZ.

When the UPS person came to deliver it (on Friday), when the doorbell rang I answered it in less than a minute to see he was already gone but I found a note that said next delivery will be Monday!

2. Saturday came so I decided I'd just go pick up my part at the local ups store so I called them and they said I needed to call before 7pm on Friday if I wanted to pick up the part Saturday. I asked why it was not stated on the form (where the X's said next p/u Monday) and the UPS guys rudly says it's on the fine print in the back of the form! Let me tell you, it is very small print and unless you squit and concentrate, it's plainly hard to read. So I asked, why isn't this important information placed in plain view on the front or at least BOLDed, X'ed or circled on the back and in an imature way he said, well... it's not that hard to read, even my father could read it. Then he said, also since it's Memorial Day weekend, the unit would not be delivered until Tuesday.

3. I then asked for a complaint department and he said. About what? :P

So I said, about this whole ordeal, the delivery or rather lack of thereof. He said, ok I'll take the complaint! I said no, I want to talk to a person that actually gives a F about the company, a supervisor if you don't mind so he says ok you want a supervisor then hold on.

4. A few minutes later a supposed supervisor came on and pertty much gives me the same schpiel. There is no complaint URL but I could write a letter to:


55 GlenLake Pkwy N.E.

Alanta Georgia 30328

Probably a bogus address but I'll try it anyway.

Bottom line, UPS could care less whether you die or not. It does not mater how important your package might have been and there is no one set as Accountable for their actions.

PLEASE USE ANY OTHER CARRIER WHEN AT ALL POSSIBLE! This company needs to know we mater in the scheme of business in the word of UPS type carriers.



I had an issue with a UPS customer service center in Norfolk, Virginia 857-4876, I have a claim on them because they said they delivered my package but when I got home the package wasnt there. I order packages all the time and never have they been missing so I contact the shipper and UPS and I'm patient and calm but they immediately start to place the blame on me for not saying that I didnt want it left on my porch and for not stating the obvious which is to leave in my screen door where no one can see but or even better put it through my mail slot because it was small enough to do that, so anyways after 2-3 days research I get a note on door to contact UPS at the number above and I get this lady Jane who is telling me they are not replacing my package because I should have said I didnt want it left on my porch and she was very rude talking to me so I asked for her supervisor, Mr. Campbell who was no better, he was laid back and seem to be alright with the way Jane was talking to me, I contacted the 800 customer service number left complaint, was supposed to get a call back an hour later, its about 15 hrs later today, I dont think I'll be getting that call.


I took a piece of artword to the UPS store in NarragansettRI. Owner Barry Adelson was so rude and intimidating I was shocked.

I first got an estimate of around 125 dollars, then Barry brought out a box that was 52 dollars and way to big, I asked for a smaller box, he was not accomodating and in fact very insulting, He said he was not trying to be insulting, when I simply pointed out that he was being insulting he told me to take my business elsewhere, he could not understand that I was not prepared to pay 295 dollars to ship this article. I asked him for his name, he said he would give me his business card, he sure did, he threw it at me.

UPS is off my list of shippers. This incident pretty much ruined my entire day.

Barry you need some anger management intervention. Good luck to you and the success of you business.


I have lived in the same area for the past 25 years and have ALWAYS gotten the worst service from UPS! When a package comes instead of bringing it to our door (less than 50 ft from the main road and driveway comes right to the house) the pacakge is left laying whereever!

it is like an Easter egg hunt!!! I work from home (medical transcription) so it is a rare occasion when I am not here. Today... same story.

Paid extra for 2-day air shipping. I heard our dog barking (fenced in the back yard - door to the house on front, so dog is no excuse for not bringing package to front door), when I walked out on this most cloudy day, my package was laying on the back of my son's car while the UPS man was walking back the 10 feet to his van :( 5 years ago we had them do the same exact thing with a $5000 check that was sent next day air - ended up just laying it on the back of a car and it got rained on.

In short, UPS sucks!!! Will use the post office or FedEx every time if given the choice!


I have ordered an item, the vender told me that it would need to be signed upon delivery. I talked to UPS customer service and signatures are not documented on the invoice but it was their belief that it would not require a signature.

I called the vender and they sent it requiring a signature. I could not get the Marion, IL distribution center on the phone to clarify, but they do not take calls. I talked to customer care supervisor at UPS and signature is entirely up to the driver and they could not speak for the driver.

So what is it sign or no sign? It is 70 mile round trip to go to the UPS distribution center to pick up the package.


UPS side they would come at between 1030-230, they never came. i called then and they said that they came at 457 pm i ask why would they say 1030-230 and they told me we can't guaranty your package will be on the time that's posted.

i told them isn't that your job to know and the *** said i can't help you. and that was the manager


I ordered a special gift for my elderly father-in-law. I received an email that it was shipped then as I tracked it noticed it wasn't moving.

After a week I called and was told rather offhandedly that it was lost - go back to the vendor and they'll rectify. Well, the item is no longer available. UPS basically said I didn't pay enough in shipping for them to bother tracking where it was lost. It was probably stolen.

So what did UPS do - NOTHING. They pointed me back to the vendor, said tough luck and they can do nothing for me. Great company.

Will never purchase from another company that ships vis UPS. They stink.


I was supposed to get my package today, and even though it's been in the area the last three (I've been tracking it) it still never got here. I saw the UPS truck drive right by and looked like it stopped 2 houses down.

The guy got out, realizing it was the wrong house... then turned around and never came back. I don't know if this is because they are cutting pay or cutting jobs but this is crazy.

I've never had such issues with anyone else. Won't ever be using UPS again.


I ordered some drum gear to be delivered overnight since I had a gig 4 days from then and i didn't want to take the chance that it would not make it in time for my gig. The day of the gig i still haven't received my package.

I called to see what was up, and after dealing with the automated bull$**t i finally got a human being on the phone. I don't know what was worse, the automated *** or the *** that spewed out of the uneducated ignorant piece of *** on the other end of the phone. apparently ups decided they wanted to be closed for those 4 days and i would receive it tomorrow when its open. The whole reason i shelled out the ridiculous amount of money they want for overnight is so i would receive my gear in time for my gig, and even giving it 4 days notice, i didn't received my stuff.

Is it really that hard to run an honest business. they don't mind taking your money and making empty premisses.

With the type of employes they have working there its no wonder that place runs as smoothly as a lawnmower filled with ***. I think a baboon could do a better job than some of there telephone operators.


I bought 4 wheels from a private seller and had him ship me the wheels, they lost 1 of the wheels, sent me somebody else's package, giving me a run around and told me that most they cover is 100 bucks of the value, each wheel costs 250 dollars plus a brand new tire that was on it is another 90 bucks, monday im calling my lawyer and BBB and this company is gonna sink down the hole. *** You UPS, worst company i've ever dealt with, so unorganized, staff doesnt know what they're doing, customer service is terrible, i will never use their services ever again.

words cant even explain my frustration right now. UGH!


I was due to get a phone shipped to me yesterday from AT&T so I sat around waiting ALL day for UPS. Around 5 I decided to track my package and when I did the tracking sheet said that the address was wrong, but it wasn't. Apparently, my apartment number was not on the package, but if the driver got out of his truck, he would have seen the huge note I left in black Sharpie that pointed to my buzzer.

So, I called UPS and the woman told me that she was looking at my package and that the driver was "notoriously lazy" and he probably didn't even go to my address. I mean, I didn't get a receipt saying he was there or anything.

She assured me that my package would be delivered the next day (today) so I accepted that and moved on.

Well. . . . . last night I get a phone call at 10PM from UPS saying that they shipped my package back to sender because I tried to change my address. To make matters worse, they described my situation in the tracking sheet as though I "refused package"! Why the *** would I refuse a package I bought and waited around for?

I have been fighting with them all morning because now I must wait until AT&T gets my phone back, returns it and refunds my money so that I may go through this again. How can I get it reshipped if the guy I complained about will be the delivery man? My phone is toast!

I am stuck as a single person in between two mega corporations! AT&T is at least trying to resolve my issue, but UPS is doing nothing, not taking fault and giving me fake apologies.

If you can't do a simple service job, you shouldn't have one. There are so many unemployed people who would love a chance to make the money and receive the benefits that UPS drivers get.