I have the ability to schedule a pick up between up until 8 pm for collection by UPS until 9 pm. 50 % of the time the drivers NEVER show up.

On 12/20 I was on hold for 1 hour and 38 minutes waiting for an agent to pick up at the local dispatch office. I spoke with 3 supervisiors at the Customer Service Center and they could not get in touch with the local dispatch office other. What is the purpose of a Customer Service Center... They have done nothing for me.

What kind of business is this that a supervisor cannot even reach a local dispatch office. I did everything right on my end and here sit 20 boxes that were for next day delivery. Driver Hickman was dispatched the job at 7:29 and at 7:41 pm he decided he did not want to make the pick up and sent the request back to the dispatch office, where it sat until after 9 pm only to hear UPS say they do not pick up at 9 pm. How do you run a business so poorly.

Everyone at the Franklin Park, IL center should be FIRED. Alot of people pay a great deal of money for this service. Tell me that from 7:19 pm to 9 p.m there was not a truck out making deliveries and pick-up 4 days before Christmas? I am completely speachless.

FED EX does not do this...

They guarantee. UPS is a disappointment and poor example of customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Pick Up Service.

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