Singapore, Singapore

Shipping an ipad? Beware the guys at UPS like em. I got mine picked up from NY and shipped to singapore - it never left NY! Some *** is enjoying it.

UPS customer service were ***. Couldnt tell me anything, *** me around - will never ever use them again.

Have called them 7 times - each time the apologise but dont solve my problem. Everything about them is complicated even their email is what have to write to...its answered by ganesan from india...another outsourced service. useless parcel service is what i call them. absolutely friggin useless they are.

Monetary Loss: $991.

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Where did you get Singapore from lol?? The best ones are the people that are all like....."insert company name here" gave my daughter a nervous break down, now she is in therapy and they wont return my call. LMAO!!


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


Also, if it says it never left NY, it may have never even left the Apple warehouse. When UPS picks up from a large company like Apple, they don't scan each package individually as it comes onto the truck.

They scan a bar code summary that is provided to them by Apple. So your package may have been on that summary, but never actually on the truck.


If a parcel isn't delivered, then you get a refund, plain and simple. It's not like you've lost hundreds of dollars here. Just call the company you ordered it from.