I shipped my suitcase to myself and was promised delivery by 7PM on July 1, 2011. When I tracked parcel online on the day of delivery, I found it was no where near where it is expected.

I had to ship my suitcase to myself because my mother passed away and I was rescuing her beloved cat and could not mange both. I knew I was playing it close because I had plans to go away the night of delivery and what was in that suitcase is necessary to have with me for the memorial. When I tracked the package online I was horrified to find it to be in Kansas on somewhere on a train - no way was it going to be here as promised!

I followed up w/phone calls to UPS and twice they agent deliberately disconnected me. Asked for supervisor, Dexter, who really wasn't able to help, offered no explanation as to why I don't get the courtesy of call that it would be pointless for me to wait all day for a package that won't arrive at due date, and that I could only expect the parcel at the earliest July 5, 2011!

All the writings and personal memorial I need for my plans tonight are in that suitcase, but I had trusted UPS when I shipped it that it would get to me in time, albeit tight, and now I have to wait five more days and this long weekends plans are nil. The loss of my mother is huge, and not getting this crucial suitcase as promised is unacceptable.

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