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I used UPS to return a JCPENNEY catalog order containing a man's car coat costing $143.72. UPS lost the package, and then when I faxed in all the paper work requested for the claim, UPS held up the claim for "lack of original invoice" without bothering to tell me.

When I finally called to find out why my claim had not yet been processed, I was told I needed to fax the "original invoice" for the item. The "original invoice," of course, was inside the lost package. I faxed UPS my JCPenney's credit card bill showing the cost of the item, but that wasn't good enough for UPS. First they charge me $12.36 to send the package, then they lose the package, then they demand faxes of shipping invoice, merchandise invoice, etc., then without notifying me they hold up the claim because I didn't fax the "original invoice" for the merchandise, which we know was inside the lost package, and now they want me to find some "similar" item on the web to fax a picture of so they can process the claim.

Meanwhile I am making payments and being charged interest on a coat that never made it back to Penney's because of the incompetence of UPS.

Looks like the only loser here is me. NEVER, NEVER again will I use UPS.

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Yep, "another one bites the dust"...

Had (and still have) kind of the same of horrible problem with them. 4 of 5 packages sent from Spain to UK with damages that they don't want to pay (computers, so figure out, 3000 value, lost 1000 in broken parts). Plus a 5th package with ski clothes lost that they are asking me after 3 months that if I want it back I have to pay storage at their Germany location.

Guess someone at UPS does not have winter clothing in his wardrobe.

Checking on the net, there is a lot of people suffering from the same, I guess UPS deserve a special website to receive complaints in one source so is easier to people to research about UPS before sending stuff. I'll make one.

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