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Last month I had two packages (from different stores) being delivered to the office. One arrived just fine. I kept checking the quantum view tracking page in regards to the other package and it got later & later. Apparently "end of day" means 7pm ... even for a business? Really?

So I stayed late and kept checking the website. At 6:50 I checked the webpage and it said that a delivery attempt was made at 6:47 - Huh? Nobody came in ... nobody even knocked on the door which was not locked. After a heated phone call to UPS - somehow they got ahold of the driver & since he was a few blocks away he came back. The explanation I was given was that a picker put the package in the residential pile rather than the business pile. Sounds like finger pointing to me.

Did I get my package - yes. But I had to stay at the office for 2 hours past regular hours and make a few heated phone calls - - - and I think I got lucky that someone actually decided to try & fix things. The fact that both items could have been delivered around 1:30 in the afternoon but weren't is ridiculous.

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Oh boo boo hoo. Cry me a river. Just be glad you got your package.

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