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a total of 3 days not in a row, messed around by UPS, tried to deliver when I am not available, so I let them know up to a week in advance of an exact day I am in, they said it will be delivered then, I rang the day before and it was confirmed, then on the day I sat in all day with my 2 year old with no delivery!! I rang them and each time this has happened this is what I got..

it is in their office and not coming. Wtf!!!

Well then UPS maybe you should all be sacked and not exist, since wasting customers time is what you do best and on purpose going by all the very bad reviews much like mine!!!!!!!!!!!! I think UPS should be sued and all customers who have been messed around including my 2 year old who was unfairly kept in all day 3 times due to UPS, be compensated!!

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I totally agree with you too timrsings1. I am in Canada and why whenever you ring UPS are you put through to someone in the Philipines??

It's ridiculous. My first item was signed for by someone else and showed delivered (on checking I immediately complained to Amazon requesting a full refund and asked who the heck Kathryn is exactly, since it showed signed by her and I have no idea who she is, and why was someone else signing for MY item anyway??? It was refunded by Amazon at least. This time round I had to file against the seller of the item as amazon are the 3rd party in it all, but have still filed a claim so it is being investigated, and I requested a full refund via the seller and left a bad review telling other customers not to bother since UPS won't deliver it anyway.

I am sticking to the local shops from now on, not or an y online orders for that matter, post office is far more reliable but I can't rely on amazon to deliver anything ordered that way so am going to play safe from now on and lessen the hassle completely for myself.

Their loss :) UPS is a money grabbing scam and they should be shut down completely and not exist at all! :( Then it will only be post office delivery and I prefer that way anyway it is far far more reliable than crappy UPS who deliberately mess consumers around.

I agree UPS is a big failure! I used to not like FED-EX for the longest time until I got to columbus, ohio.

UPS is so bad here that they don't even stick around for signatures on things that ARE REQUIRED! I got in trouble with a couple of the deliveries because the companies' that sent the product out never got a confirmation, or the signatures didn't match.

When I called the Main Office, I kept getting passed around from one \operative to another until I finally cussed at them enough that they just hung up on me. Yeah, I think we should shut those mothers down if they're going to keep up suck crappy business ethics.

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