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This is my first and last experience with ups. The delivery person couldnt wait for 2seconds for me to get to the door.

I had to come down stairs to open the door I saw him from my bed room window. which is only a 2second run. He left that quick. I have a talking reef on my door that is heard all over the neighborhood I heard it talking so I couldnt miss him.

I immediately called UPS.

Whom than informed me they could have me meet him somewhere on his route. I PAID FOR DELIVERY I havent gotten!

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Don't they go bad anyway? They are flowers, that's what they do. It's the thought that counts....Quit being so materialistic!!



My husband sent me flowers from Afghanistan. The driver didn't knock on the door or ring the doorbell. Thank God my puppies had to go potty or they would have sat there all night and ruined.


a driver physically handling hundreds of stops a day isn't the problem, it's the people like you! If a driver has 150 stops a day and goes above and beyond (calls the customer or waits 30-60 seconds to come to the door) that is an extra 1 minute per stop resulting in an extra 150 minute day.

that is 2.5 hours over an already ten hour planned day, which puts the driver at 12.5 hours. DOT has a regulation against working over 12 hour days.

The driver would violating this rule....While I am not providing an excuse for bad service or lazy employees(every business has their share of rude employees) You should be careful what you wish for because it is people like you all that complain about drivers not taking the time to do these things and then post about why it took so long for your package to show up. Drivers are trained to have a polite sense of urgency


dont use ups!!! horrible customer relations. p.s., if you cant handle several hundred deliveries a day, dont take on the resposibility.

Severnyy, Rostov, Russian Federation #98859

The UPS drivers have several hundred stops per day and they just don't have the time to wait for you to answer the door. It is in the drivers best interest to deliver your package. He really doesn't want to come back the next day to attempt another delivery- this just means more work for the next day


UPS has calculated the max that could be performed by the human body for each paid hour. That is what they demand.

The driver had no time to wait. When I worked there employees sat unpaid until there were enough packages to sort at the maximum rate. There were no Black supervisors and only two Black managers, even though they recruited at the university.

This is a corporate business. Self-serving greed.


i live around a ups terminal. and they drive like they deliver 100mph!


2 seconds? Really?

I'm guessing it was longer than that.

The driver probably had a couple of hundred stops to make that day. You can't expect him to wait around for you to answer the door if it means others may not get their deliveries on time.


What the *** is a talking reef?

hasn't waited for you to answer the door in 30+ years. Once upon a time they used to. At least they didn't throw the package in the mud next to the door.

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