Tampa, Florida

i've been waiting all day, and i mean all day, for a package from ups and went outside around 6pm to see a notice on the door saying ups made an attempt to deliver. there were 6 people in the house and nobody heard a knock or a doorbell.

called ups 1800 number to see if they can redeliver later on that night and i was on hold to speak with a supervisor for god know how long.

and yeah i waited for more and once i spoke to the supervisor the only thing i found out is that he doesn't have any common sense whatsoever. a total ***!

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I'm black.


i dont pay for next day shipping for a *** sorry we missed you tag on my door in a 2 bedroom apartment with 5 people home and like 3 in the living room to hear a knock or door bell.............i really hate ups and i guess i have to stop ordering from amazon because i pay the extra shipping for next day deliver and get a *** sticker everytime.


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This happened to me too today. I was waiting on an important package from T-Mobile. I made sure to be at home and guess what? There was no knock and no doorbell.

I am so PISSED off. I missed work to try and intercept this package. How hard is it to stand there and wait 10 seconds for someone to get to the door so you can give them their *** package, you silly vaginas?

Yeah.. shave off 10 minutes on your daily route so you can run home and microwave your $1 tv dinners. You obesed motherf*ckers need to perform your job PROPERLY.

I'm going to give the next UPS driver who does this trick to me a flat tire with my rifle.


:( Same thing happens to me when dealing with UPS. I'm not happy with this service. I will be setting up surveillance next time to catch them in the act of "attempted delivery".


I have this repeated problem where the UPS guy will slap a sticker on my door and run off. Happened again yesterday.

I work at home, so I'm home almost all the time M-F. I'm sitting at my computer, when I hear a slight sound like someone is pushing on my front door. Then I hear a truck start off and rumble away. I go check, and there's a "missed you" sticker on my door.

No knock.

No doorbell. Nothing, the guy just put a sticker on my door quietly and ran off.


I stayed home today, and watched for the van--and even saw it in the neighborhood, but didn't see it stop (though it could have been around the side of my building). I've actually seen the local drivers jump out of the truck with pre-filled stickers, slap them on the apartment doors, and then truck away to leave everyone's stuff at the apartment office, which isn't open any reasonable hours.

They get to go home early if everything is "delivered"--so they just make one drop. Doesn't matter if you have standard shipping or expedited service.


I just had this happen tonight. I heard the UPS truck.

When I heard the truck drive off, I checked and found my package quietly placed on the front porch. No doorbell or knock.

I double checked the operation of the illuminated doorbell.

BTW: USPS does the same thing. I think they can increase their quota using this technique.


Please don't take the comments from the post from the "ups driver". If he is indeed a UPS Service Provider, he is definately the exception and not the rule.

Most UPS Service Providers are very customer service oriented people. That is one of the key traits UPS looks for when they select, hire and train Service Providers. This poor soul is probably an angry union employee who somehow, marginally scraped by when he was training as Service Provider. He is probably angry at his inability to work efficiently like he was instructed and most likely has issues with all aspects of his life.

While Service Providers are trained to take the minimum time necessary to deliver packages, they will most certainly knock on a door and ring a door bell if present, all the while filling out the Info Notice and service cross the package.

As for the Info Notice on the ground ten feet away from the door, the adhesive on these is not the greatest. May I offer up that it was on your door and at some point, became detached and blew ten feet away?


I've had this happen before on several occasions. Made sure to sit close to the front door all day waiting for a package, go check the door for tags in the late afternoon, and they supposedly stopped by to attempt to deliver - but nobody heard a knock.

As a matter of fact, just today, they did the exact same thing - claimed to have stopped by the door at 1:27pm but nobody heard a knock.

Only reason I noticed this quick is that I checked the tracking information online and it showed a delivery exception, so I went outside to try to find a door tag and it was laying on the ground about 10 feet from the door. Fantastic service.

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