I waited all day at home for my new laptop and then I saw the note from UPS saying the first delivery attempt failed. I repeat I had been there all day listening for the delivery because I paid one day shipping to get an important laptop delivered quickly.

I called to see what had happened and to see if I could just go pick it up. The phone operator was also useless and disinterested as she explained there was no place to pick up since the location is closed on Saturday. I paid one day shipping prices for no reason at all.

UPS doesn't work weekends, but they charge for weekend work. It's fraud.

Monetary Loss: $1950.

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Branford, Connecticut, United States #745912

ups delivers sat. whoever shipped it to you didnt ship it sat.


I don't see how this is a ups issue, your shipper shipped regular next day air, which means next business day, not weekends unless extra is paid for the premium sat. delivery

to Not ups #746039

The original poster said SUNDAY, not Saturday. UPS needs to hire a higher class of shill to run around badmouthing irritated customers on the internet. The one they have now has no reading comprehension at all.

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