I'm afraid of UPS. When I protested that my four packages in a shipment didn't contain the whole order of precious material, the UPS deliveryman came to my door and showed me that I'd signed for two of the four packages.

He said that UPS policy was that those two signatures sufficed for all four package of the shipment, I had only received two. I didn't know there were four until later. I complained again to the company He came back but this time my signature was beside all four of the package numbers. He said if I persisted in my complaints, he'd brand me a trouble maker and that would delay all future deliveries of any kind to me.

Then he said that if that wasn't enough, he'd call the police on me.

I was totally intimidated and the UPS president's response to my complaints was to have someone from the complaint department write me a letter and say they couldn't help me. It's a great company but I'd rather choke to death on broken glass than have anything more to do with that man who came to my door and bullied me.

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