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Contacting UPS about a package not delivered, I was told that other mode was elected by recipient. They lied, as no one from this residence ever talked with any UPS delivery agent on the subject.

Recipient was never contacted and no delivery slip left at residence. The telephone conversation was conducted with an agent that did not care to find a proper solution for their mistake. It was full of prepared lines which does not mean anything. When asked to talk to a supervisor, he hung up.

UPS did not try to contact me afterward. UPS does not care about customer satisfaction and the customer support is a joke.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Customer service, Notice not left.

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Straight up, UPS sucks here. I`ve had no choice during certain orders I place online to be done by UPS.

I can tell you the 5 times that they`ve delivered to me - EVERY package had to be picked up. It`s not like no one was home or the door bell doesn`t work. I`m home because I`m running my business. It`s on the main floor and right next to the front door.

As soon as they see my car is in the drive way - they tip-toe to the front door, slap the sticker on, and run away. Then I have wait 24 hours and drive to pick up my stuff.

The one thing a company does. They suck at.

to Anonymous #1014459

Nonsense. Why would they waste their time walking to the door with just a note? Maybe check to see if your doorbell works.

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