UPS cites local poor weather conditions here in washington DC as a reason for not having delivered a 1 lb package--from drop to deliver a 6 mile trip. I called to check on refund options two days later--they said there are none because its "...the weather's fault the delivery failed".

FedEx on the other hand DID deliver, the same type of package, from a nearby drop to the same addressee--they did it on time, before 10:00 AM. When it absolutely, positively, has to be there overnight...stick with FedEx and dump UPS (or be prepared for non-delivery and no refund).

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Also in the DC area... UPS has not been able to deliver 2 packages since the 26th.

The roads are clear, and driving by my local UPS facility so is their loading dock...

at anyrate, FedEx was able to get a similar package to me today. Dump UPS, stick with FedEx.


Have been waiting for 2 days now for delivery in Queens NY. Item was on a truck for delivery to our store yesterday but never arrived.

Overnight the status changed to undeliverable due to weather so this morning I called UPS's 800 number to have the package (inventory for my store) held at our local depot. UPS refused to hold package because there had not been an attempt to deliver yet. I asked to have the local depot call me back (which I've done before). Refused because there had been no attempt to deliver yet.

In that case the status that it was on a truck out for delivery on Thursday ...

was a lie? Something wacky going on over at UPS


I agree... while I understand that "adverse weather conditions" are legitimate and do happen, I'm more pissed that UPS can't tell me WHERE my package is....

they're able to track it all the way around the globe, but when it comes down to the local sorting site 10 miles from my house, they're no longer able to say whether it's on a truck or in a warehouse? How can they not know this? I was offering to come pick it up because the roads are now fine(in my SmartCar! In the "adverse weather" that has since passed.

While their trucks supposedly aren't able to handle it), but they can't tell me where it is or when the weather will be good enough to resume delivery? So fed up with UPS.

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