Metairie, Louisiana

I payed all that extra money that they charge you for overnight shipping and they never get my package to me on time. This is the second time that they said no one was home and i was sitting right by the door all day.

They didn't leave a notice or anything. They said no one was home to sign for the package. I waited here all day for the package and no one came. If I had to pay for overnight delivery I would have been here to accept the package because apparently i need it.

UPS sucks. I don't know how they manage to stay in business.

They lie about delivering your package because their probably off goofing around when they are supposed to be working. Now they don't have time to deliver my package.

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Same thing happened to me with Fed-Ex as they stated that delivery was attempted when it was not. No ethics/very dishonest.


Exactly, just happened to me


I feel your pain if I pay extra to have something delivered I want it delivered and this *** doesn't even leave me a notice that he failed to deliver my package


They lied after I paid $15 for them to deliver my unemployment debit card 2 day. Esc said they had it reported that they delivered at 1:46pm which is BULL said (left on doorstep).

I didn't move today from this house and nothing is outside!

Now I have to wait even more. Disgusting


True this has happen to me twice!! Very unhappy with UPS and will not be using them again!!


Hi - I have the same problem! I'm actually waiting on UPS to deliver my package right now.

The driver has lied twice about delivering it. He did not leave a notice either time. I spoke with his supervisor who told me that she didn't think that there was a problem. I was also told that the driver's only mistake was not to leave the notice by a supervisor at a customer service center.

When I raised the delivery issue with them, UPS refused to acknowledge that they were at fault and instead preferred to accuse me of lying to them!


Persistence is key. I have left detailed reports with UPS and called each time I have had a problem.

I also have video footage of our door, so UPS can't tell me that the driver came when he didn't. I plan on escalating this up to the driver's supervisor's supervisor until something is done about it.


I received a post card notice that UPS was unable to deliver package because an apartment number was needed.

Post card also stated shipment would be held until Jun 18, 2014.

I attempted to pick up package and was told shipment was returned. I checked the tracking number.

I found the shipment was returned and received by sender on 6/16/2014.

Address is a business open 6 days per week. Attempts to deliver where never made.


I ordered something off Amazon. My address clearly states that it's a Post Office box but UPS still accepted the package and then tried to deliver it to an address I hadn't lived in for years.

Then they wanted me to go pick it up! I refused and got a refund instead.

Let their dumb *** deal with it. UPS is dumb!


I do not know were you all live,But all of you need to move to "Texas."Placed an order on " on the 30th of March,Guess what delivered 4/4 by who other "UPS",You go UPS i love you all keep up the good work.The dresser i ordered was so heavy til i actually felt sorry for the driver but he did his thing and Brought it into the house for me.Love you UPS.


I payed for 3 day shipping, yet it's been 12 days. Tried to contact UPS and all they tell me "sorry, it's not our fault".

Seriously they have got to get better employees that don't freaking steal packages. Oh and on the tracking status it says that they made an attempt to deliver the package.

I have been home every single day, and I never heard the doorbell or knocking. I am really ****** off by these people.

Ordering from FedEx now on.


UPS lied about a delivery to my home as well. They said the driver met a man and delivered the package. I was home all day, never met a UPS driver.

A friend of mine just told me yesterday that she had the same issue as I stated. WTF?? What is the company doing? Are the drivers stealing products or delivering them to the wrong address.

I'm gonna use Fedex when possible. :(


I orderd a hpa tank on amazon and they said 3-5 days for delivery, they took two weeks and when the package did come they seng me the wrong tank. I ordered the pure energy 48cu 3000psi tank they sent me an empire 48cu 3000psi tank this is bogus I wanted the pure energy tank i am very dissapointed with amazon for the tank and ups with delivery


Same as all of you except I got him on video.

Call them and demand a change because this is rediculous.

UPS (United Parcel Service) Corporate Office Headquarters in the USA:

55 Glenlake Parkway, NE

Atlanta, GA 30328

Corporate Phone Number: 1-404-828-6000

Corporate Fax Number: 1-404-828-7666

Corporate Email: Corporate Stock Symbol: UPS

UPS Google Finance Information


Same story, I was home all day and kept updating tracking status. I live on the main floor of a condo complex and i know the drivers are too lazy to buzz.

Sadly they usually just leave it outside by the door, I'm always quick to get it as i always follow the status online. This time i was in my lobby and it says delivered, front door. No chance, nobody, no where and it said 540PM and i was in my lobby between 500 and 630. Nobody stole it.

The driver lied for whatever reason he had to. Either $145 of transmission fluid was tempting or he had to put delivered to keep his job and it will show up tomorrow. I don't know and i also don't know how Amazon delivers me a new shipment the next day and trusts me. Does UPS pay amazon for their screw up?

mark my words people AMAZON WILL HAVE THEIR OWN COURIER SERVICE BY 2105, Lorne. H


Correction to date above


I was expecting a package and was at home all day waiting and looking out of the window for the long brown truck. About 4pm I decided to track mt package and it stated that the driver had been to my address but no one was home.

Liars no. One ever came and no one ever rang the bell nor did he leave a notice.

UPS please hire honest delivery personnel!!!!


I got a delivery confirmation that said they delivered my package, but I was eating dinner at the table 3 feet from my door at the time it was "delivered". Idk what's going on because UPS has always been on time for me.


Thats what UPS stands for U People Suck. same as all the stories above they lied about delivery.

i did get one note but it said they tried 2 times before that which was a lie. going to request FED ex from now on.


Well, looks like they are as reputable in Canada as they are in the States - driver has lied TWICE (yesterday, I even waited in the lobby beside the buzzer and he claimed he tried to deliver it during the time I was right beside the front door!)

This company sucks and I'm going to request all shippers to use ANYONE BUT UPS in the future.


Waited all day for my package to be delivered stalked my own mail box seeing if anything was delivered NOTHING ...finally going WTF said before 4 pm it's now 5. Check my tracking number says they made a attempt and notice left!!

WTF I was here waiting ALL DAY ALL DAY now I can't get MY *** till after the 9th this isn't the first time UPS did me dirty like this!! They need to hire people that will handle their *** and deliver *** when they are suppose!!

making up pay up the *** for a *** delivery that I will have to PICK UP ON MY OWN!!! useless workers!!

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