Neenah, Wisconsin

The pictures say it all. UPS crushed, dented, and put wholes in the NEW box with four ceramic heirlooms being sent home from my recently deceased mother-in-laws estate.

They won't pay the insurance or shipped and blame our packing, when it was EXTREMELY well packed! Unbelievable! UPS won't take any responsibility or do anything about it. The buck has been passed for weeks.

I've filed a complaint with BBB and with my credit card. Take this as a warning, is this how you want your shipments to be handled?

I've never seen such poor customer relations. Can you imagine blaming the customer after destroying their property?

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Should have shipped it with the special "fragile" stickers. And no, they are not packaged properly.


Listen to the ups ppl defend. Packing has nothing to do with the fact that the package was obviously abused all to he.ll.

From the looks of the box something around 100 pounds was THROWN on it. The only thing that would prevent breakage from that type of abuse would be maybe a solid steel case inside it lmmfao.


The box has to be sturdy (which Uhaul boxes are not) and packed internally correctly. Without either of these two factors the box will look like that.

Take car design.

If the car crumples like a tin can but has seatbelts, what good will it do. Any why have a suit of armor that you will rattle around in. You need both!

Take a look at How Stuff Works "How UPS Works" video on YouTube. After you see how the conveyor belts work if you think this box was packed to survive that.


All your picture shows is that you obviously used a single wall storage box to ship valuable items. NOT the fault of UPS and you admittedly used newspaper which is the same as saying you used nothing at all. You need to lay the blame where it belongs, on yourself.


No, you did not pack it correctly. Newspaper is not a suitable packing material for fragile, heavy or valuable items.

Proper cushioning material would be packing peanuts. Newspaper crumples down whereas peanuts do not. Also, highly recycled corrugate boxes such as Uhaul, Home Depot or Walmart boxes are not suitable for shipping. They are for storage or moving.

UPS not only acknowledges but publishes that shipping is a violent process. Boxes ARE thrown, crushed and dropped. It is a part of the process.

That is why shipments need to be properly packed. This box wasn't, therefore your claim was accurately denied.


You had a min of 2" of cushionong for each item, and a min 2" of cushioning on the inside of the box (all 6 sides) before you ever put anything in the box, right ?

from the pics which are quite small, it appears it had one or 2 layers of the dime store bubble wrap, and not the stuff with the large bubbles.


Box had a least 2" of cushioning, numerous layer of bubble wrap (not dime store, large roll, store bought), then numerous layer of newspaper, also carefully separated all items from each other, sides, top, bottom and corners. The box was crushed down a few inches (something too heavy was placed on it).

Corners were dented (dropped), and holes and a tear on the bottom of the box. NEW box was very mishandled, then they have the nerve to blame my packing, which was BETTER packed than they would have packed it!