I paid the UPS Store in Norfolk, VA to pack a HP Color laser fax scan copier printer I sold on EBay. The package was damaged in shipping due to insufficient packing. When the customer received the package, all the doors and hinges were opened dislodged, and full of peanut bubbles. The customer could not get the back door to close. (It was jammed with the bubbles). I spent two hours on the phone trying to help the customer close the back door. ( I had two of these printers so we compared the back of the printer trying to figure it out. Eventually the customer got the back door closed but was unable to print. The customer sent pictures of the damaged package before opening and what he found inside.

I submitted a damage claim and my printer was picked up and inspected. UPS Determined the box used to ship was too weak, the peanut bubbles used to protect we're not adequate for a 65 pound printer, and the printer should have been suspended.

My printer was returned. However the printer that was returned to me was extremely damaged. The back of the printer was busted up, the primer was deeply scratched. In essence my damage printer was destroyed byUPS and returned to me for disposal.

The initial damage was superficial(foreign objects lodged in the openings. The returned printer was destroyed) the customer who purchased the printer wanted it even with the damage, he just could not get it to print( he did not clean out all the peanut bubbles. He spent hours at the back of the printer trying to close the door, yet he never noticed the printer was cracked and bent.

I contacted the customer when I received the printer and he confirmed there where no cracks, dents, physical damage to the printer he received and returned. The pictures he took confirms this.

Two days after the damage inspection, I received a call from a company called Crawford. The employee said she had called to tell me UPS would be calling me on the morrow and that my printer had been shipped back to me. I started asking questions about my claim. The employee nastily informed me that she did not work for UPS. She said her company was just a third party vendor with UPS. She said she could not give me any information about my damage claim. She said she did not know anything, she just had a message to call me and notify me that I would be receiving a call and the return of my printer. I asked to speak with someone who could assist me, I asked for a supervisor and was refused.

When the call ended, I called UPS. I was informed that UPS had determined my package had been damaged because of packing. I told the agent I had paid UPS to pack the printer. I told the employee about the Crawford employee and was informed that Crawford was the company UPS used to handle damage claims. When I asked why I was not informed about the claim, I was told that her system showed someone from UPS had noted my account stated that I had been informed that my claim had been denied ( I later was informed this was done by the Crawford employee)

The employee said my claim had been denied. I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor said the only thing he could do was put in a dispute about my claim. He told me the UPS store was the company I needed to talk to. He said the UPS Store was not UPS.

Two hours later while I was out, my package was returned. I have never seen such a site. If UPS had left it on the sidewalk it would easily have been mistaken for trash. I took pictures and called UPS. I called because the bottom of the printer was exposed and sitting on the porch. I did not open the package, I called UPS. This time the transferred me to claims. I told them I wanted to enter a second damage claim. I explained the condition of my package. It was not in a box. They wrapped cardboard around it leaving areas exposed. There where about 20-30 peanut bubbles in the mess and two mini bubble packs, the kind used to cushion a cell phone. At the time I still didn't know the printer had been cracked, busted, dented, and scratched.

The supervisor informed me my dispute of the results of my second damage had been denied ( less than 2 hour turn around). He said the only thing he could do was contact Crawford about their employee who I had spoken to earlier. I told the supervisor I felt UPS had taken poor care of my damaged printer explaining how the packaged looked. I also complained that the had not communicated their findings.

I called the UPS stored and informed them of UPS determination. I asked for a manager and was told the manager was gone for the day but that she would call on the following day. The manager never called. I called back several times and visited the store only to be told the manager had gone for the day. I called the UPS STORE corporate office and was told that their packing guarantee only applies when I pay them the shipping charges. I was told that since I had an account with UPS she did not know. I paid for packing by expert packers and was guaranteed safe delivery or UPS would be liable. The employee said she would send a message to the store.

Meanwhile I removed the cardboard from the printer and was shocked. The printer was cracked, dented, busted, and scratched. No doors or hinges were open but the printer was ruined .

The printer was 4 months old I paid $700 for the printer. The original damage caused by the UPS store could have been repaired. However, since my package was already damaged. UPS took it upon itself to finish the job by destroying my printer. The only thing UPS failed to do was properly dispose of the printer.

The only thing I can get from UPS is that they are not responsible for the actions of its vendors or franchises. Where does it stop?

Companies like the UPS store would not be in business except for the fact that the have the UPS BRAND NAME. UPS may not be liable, but surely UPS has a high level of responsibility. UPS sells it brand name to incompetent franchises. There has to be guidelines and accountability. I find it amazing that the UPS store does not have and use UPS packing requirements and guidelines. Yet these stores advertise they are UPS expert packers.

My package was destroyed after it was damaged. It's like taking your car to the mechanic to get the tire repaired. The mechanic realizes you have a oil leak, a bad oil leak. Instead if returning the car as it was, the mechanic sells your parts because it has an oil leak. The mechanic is in the wrong.

Just because my printer was lightly damage. Should not and did not give UPS, its employees, and/ or its third party vendors the right to neglect, abuse, and ultimately destroy my property.

I could continue about all the bad information I have received from UPS and the poor poor service I have been subject too. But what I've written should suffice. It's time to find a new shipper.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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