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I copied an pasted my complain from another website that I filed the complaint on. I am not sure why there is extra punctuation added in- such as the question marks and exclamation points in front of some of the periods...

Original review posted by user Oct 06, 2012

I recently purchased a computer valued at $1,700 back in August. The computer was shipped to me via UPS, and arrived at my home after being tested and shipped by the manufacturer. When the computer arrived, I noticed the wooden crate it was shipped in had a number of boot/shoe prints on it, but I did not pay much attention to it. I opened the crate and connected the computer, very excited to turn it on. To make a long story short, it was later discovered that the motherboard and graphics card were damaged in shipping, and I would need to send the system back for repairs. This was frustrating, but the situation got much worse.

I was told to take the system to a UPS store and ship it back. When I reached the UPS store I was told they could not send my system as it was valued over $900, and would need to contact a driver to pick it up. The staff at the UPS store was by far the most rude people I have had to deal with, and they have always been that way at this particular store. When I finally got them to give me the number to call for a driver, the driver was rude and tossed my 80lb computer in the back of his truck like it was a box of tennis balls- very carelessly.

The system was repaired and sent back to me, but when it was delivered the driver placed the crate on it's side, when it is clearly marked which side is "up". I once again noticed boot prints on the crate, but this time it was covered in prints on ALL sides. I took pictures and opened the system and once again attempted to start it. It did not work, and opening the system up showed significant damage inside- a broken fan, and the motherboard and graphics card once again broken. I have once again sent the system in for repairs, and was treated with disrespect by UPS once again. This system was expensive and although the parts are being fixed I have no way of knowing if other components are being damaged that will be evident in the future. I am sure the system will come back to me, likely broken again and I am very frustrated with UPS.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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Anything heavier than 40lbs UPS likes to mistreat. Forget fragile or arrow up signs...

this makes the box/crate get more abuse. Try insuring it? If it gets destroyed by UPS they will deny all claims saying it was your inferior packing.

The Insurance charge is a fraud as they will not honor claims for damage even if insured. Been there done that...