I sold a pair of floor speakers on ebay. I shipped them from New Mexico to Pennsylvania.

Each speaker weighed about 60 pounds. I asked the UPS Store how they would pack them and followed their recommendations. I also bought the insurance. What a complete waste of money.

The speakers arrived damaged beyond use. I filed the claim and they denied it saying that they were not packed well enough. Of course they said that! It is up to them if they decide to pay me back.

Why did I ever think they would take responsibility? So they charged me $85 to ship each speaker, my items were damaged by them not being careful with them, and they take no responsibility. Now I am out the $170 I paid them because I trusted that they would deliver them safely, along with the $400 I had to refund my buyer. And UPS walks away clean.

I can tell you I would NEVER ship a large or heavy package with UPS again. I am only glad that I did not pay them the $240 they wanted to use express shipping. I would have been out another $480. No wonder UPS makes a profit of over 1 billion dollars a year - they take it from their customers.

I will do everything possible to never use UPS to ship or receive anything again! BUYER BEWARE!!!

Monetary Loss: $670.

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