I double insured the boxes on my mother's china and shipped them to my brother. I requested all 5 boxes be marked fragile and only 3 of the 5 were marked.

Regardless, all boxes had broken items (several broken items). They have effectively shattered all memories of my youth. 7 broken salad plates out of 12, broken coffee cups, broken serving platters, broken vegetable dishes, broke, glasses, broken everything! Seriously?

Your company has failed us in every way.

There is no cash or replacements that can compensate for our lost memories.

Way to go big brown. You have lost all my future business!

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UPS and fedex are penny for penny almost exactly the same pricen with either one being the cheaper option to differing destinations, when using an air option.

Where fedex is cheaper generally is ground service, but only by a maximum of 5 to 10%. I wouldn't call thta "waaayyyy" cheaper.

And btw, we all know fedex ground drivers don't work for fedex, they are independent contractors or their employees making about the same as a mcdonalds fry cook. That helps explain the small cost difference.


Perhaps is right, but ups is waaaay more expensive than fedex in my experience(I ship things daily).


This is your fault for packing the items incorrectly. All mail carriers have official policies that writing "fragile" on something means absolutely nothing. And if salad plates and old coffee cups are your entire youth - get out more while you can!


You should educate yourself on how shipping works, including UPS, FedEx and the USPS. Then learn how to pack properly and/or have a person who has experience do it for you. Lastly learn to look in the mirror and realize YOU bear the responsibility for your poor packing and broken memories.

Putting a light bulb in a paper bag with the word fragile on the outside doesn't constitute adequate packing methods.

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