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I recently shipped a package with UPS that contained three glass bottles of liquid and other items. The package was packed properly with styrofoam liners that cushioned the bottles and cradled them from coming in contact with the bottom of the box. The bottles were further wrapped in many multiple layers of bubble wrap and then double wrapped and sealed in plastic bags to prevent them from coming into contact with each other just in case they did leak. They were further cushioned and lined by some material and a few soft t shirts to pad the box tightly so that none of the contents moved and the box was solidly packed.

I have shipped these items and packed them similarly before without incident, so I used the appropriate packing materials. The box was a heavy double layer shipping container in excellent condition that was previously used to ship glass liquid items. I received notice that the package was damaged- two of the bottles were broken and the contents leaked throughout the box. When I went to the Ocala, FL UPS depot, I received very little information about the status of the package - it had gone back out on the truck for delivery after a UPS clerk had inspected it and "filed a claim". According to the information in the claim, UPS DENIED the claim saying that the package was not packed properly by the shipper (myself) and that they were not going to reimburse me for any damage. When I disputed the claim, a representative was supposed to call me to discuss the matter, but.... NO CALL.

When I received the package, it had been re-packed and the damaged goods were included in the box. I NEVER SAW the CONDITION of the ORIGINAL DAMAGED BOX. I suspect that it had to be severely damaged (like being deliberately thrown upside down off a truck or run over and obliterated). The information that the UPS claims clerk typed on the claim was incorrect as to the packing condition of the box and the number and condition of the damaged items.

When I spoke to a supervisor at the Ocala UPS, he was very casual and rather "flip" with me when I discussed my concerns about the damage and he said "I don't know where the box is, but well, I guess we musta done somethin to it, huh?" like it was some kind of joke. I WAS NOT AMUSED.

UPS has a very corrupt and unfair damage claim system because the claims representative can claim inadequate packaging and blame the consumer when the consumer has no opportunity to actually see the extent of the damage to the package. By providing inaccurate (and deliberately erroneous information), UPS can avoid taking responsibility for the damage to consumer goods caused by their careless and unprofessional employees and their destructive handling of consumer packages.

I will NEVER ship anything by UPS again and I encourage everyone else to use some other shipping service when you need to send a package .

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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