Big Rapids, Michigan
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I shipped a Beautiful Bicycle which was destroyed by UPS over Christmas. This Claim was denied by UPS. They say a bicycle box is not strong enough to hold bicycles. The used bicycle shipping box was perfect when it was shipped.

No box could withstand the forces UPS put on this box. It was likely dropped several times on the end, despite the up arrows.

This box safely carried a bicycle 13,000 miles and delivered it in perfect condition. UPS destroyed it in 1200 miles.

Its ironic that Chinese dock workers, and non union persons delivered the first bike halfway around the world without a mark on the box. and those overpaid union pigs at UPS ruined it in a trip to Las Vegas. A simple web search will produce hundreds of damage claims denied for no good reason. They seem to just take the insurance money and deny everything. Check Consumer Affairs about UPS. The dont care how they treat your stuff and wont pay for the damages their indifference causes.

Remember this if you ship a bicycle, your at your own risk, as they will deny the claim.

DO NOT SHIP WITH UPS, unless you dont care about your items

We need a class action suit. They accepted the merchandise as packed and took the insurance money with the item in plain sight.

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UPS recently severley damaged a collector mountain bike that I had shipped from a bike shop to my home from Colorado to California. I paid for insurance and they refused to pay the claim. Are you interested in join filing a suit against them? I am going to my local courthouse next week to open a small claims suit against them.



You make the mistake of assuming that your individual box was shipped from China to the US by itself, when it was actually shipped by a freight carrier on a huge pallet with dozens of other bike boxes the same size. Buying a TV from Best Buy is the same scenario. Moving a pallet of boxes with a forklift is certainly less demanding on a box's integrity than putting an individual, non-shipping box into the depths of an industrial shipping process.


well i only shipped 70- 100 bikes the same way, and if its so obvious to you that boxes need to withstand 4gs, why did UPS accept it and accept the insurance? If this is such standard knowledge why did they take my money?

and yes they are stacked tight in a container until they get broken down into store orders, then are trucked with other freight, i see you never worked in a large store before. I hope you use UPS a lot.

I only found 1700 similar complaints in under 5 minutes. I also bet your a UPS employee


I hope you did not buy extra insurance. UPS will not pay any claim that involves "used" boxes.

I think it is important to note that more than a few customers mistake a "store" box from a "shipping" box. I can just about guarantee you that your bike box was not handled as a "single piece" but from China to the US INSIDE another protected container so your assumption is totally false.

As most bikes are packaged from the factory with pieces of it actually contacting the inner surface of the box, it is considered improperly packaged for UPS shipment. Sorry about your loss.