Recently, I had a very expensive antique clock shipped to me via UPS. The clock was packed by a UPS store in Texas and sent to me in Washington State.

When the clock arrived, it was completely destroyed. Now, the UPS store says that they will not refund the shipping charges. I sent pictures of the packing material to a professional shipper in California, and was told that it was improperly packed, which lead to the destruction of the clock.

At this point, I will never use UPS or its stores again. They do not stand by their services, and have done nothing but stall the claims process.

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store packed = reimbursement. at least it should.

see what threatening them with small claims court does. worth a shot because you are entitled to a refund.


Wow, sorry for your loss. I would feel terrible if I was responsible for packing that. Those types of items take a lot of time and care to pack. My guess is the clock was packed by an inexperienced UPS Store employee scraping by on minimum wage, working the store by themselves, rushing to get it packed before the UPS pickup so they don't get chewed out by the store owner the next day.

You certainly should be reimbursed for the packing and the shipping. It was store packed. If you payed for store packing, you're fully guaranteed for the insured value. It's called the UPS Store Pack and Ship Promise. Look it up. Don't listen to their "we will submit a claim with UPS and let you know" BS. If it's store packed, you get reimbursed right away.

Best thing to do with antiques, pack the thing yourself almost to a point where its overkill. Triple box it if you have to. That is really the only way to ensure your items don't arrive damaged.


One thing that is NOT covered by shipping insurance is internal damage. For example if a gear inside the clock came lose and banged around inside, damaging the surrounding area, that wouldn't be covered by shipping insurance since there really is no way to pack the inside.

Other than that, you're completely covered and have a legit complaint if a UPS Store did indeed do the packaging.

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