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UPS Damage: The radios that I ship are heavy but very well packed. They are government units which are insured.

The 4 damaged radios were separately shipped at different times. The damage is always the same. The boxes have been thrown or dropped. The radio chassis are bent and external hardware damaged.

Sometimes the internal parts are also damaged. The boxes are clearly marked with red labels "Electronic Material, Don't Drop Don't Crush". The four inches of foam, cardboard caps, and boxes are completely destroyed on all ends. I am not having any problems with other shippers.

This is a UPS problem and it started happening 2 years ago. Now I use them only when a customer demands UPS shipping.

It takes about 30 days to get a claim paid and there communication is terrible. It is almost impossible to reach someone who can answer specific questions.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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If you have to write "Don't Drop" or "Don't Crush" on the outside of the box, then you haven't packed them well enough. A properly packed box can be dropped.

And other boxes, even heavy ones can be stacked on top of it. I teach people how to do it correctly and nothing ever breaks for them again.

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