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I shipped two packages via UPS to my family in Des Moines. Packages arrived there on December 21 and, every day, we got message that delivery delayed due to weather.

On December 25th, still not delivered. Meanwhile, everybody else in town driving around going to the store, etc. UPS reason: Weather. Packages just sat there in warehouse.

From now on, its FedEx all the way for me. One of the items was perishable and packed in ice. I can imagine what it will be like once UPS gets off its butt and delivers it.

Very, very poor service in Des Moines. Never happened before anywhere else and I've been using them for 30 years.

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Des Moines, Iowa, United States #634164

UPS likes to operate understaffed, requiring nearly maximum legal overtime to get the job done. Under the best conditions during 'peak' there aren't enough drivers to work enough hours to get the job done.

Add weather to the mix and you see what happens. All is well for UPS, however, as they can just blame the weather and deny all claims even though it is really a staffing problem, not the weather.

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