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On 12/22/2011 ABL Electronics had UPS pick up a shipment at my home which was insured for $500.00. It was packed in bubble wrap in the same box I received it in and sealed with Scotch packing tape.

UPS damaged the shipment and they are denying the insurance claim saying that the item was not properly packed. ABL Electronics says UPS always denies insurance claims.

I think we have seen how UPS handles shipments on the internet videos and I have received UPS deliveries that were thrown over my 6 foot patio fence. UPS has a reputation for dragging out damage inspections and claims hoping you will die of old age before the claim is settled.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Agreed that the claims at UPS could be much better, but yeah let's all go to the "internet videos" because they accurately portray how every package is handled with UPS. You know every day UPS delivers millions of packages around the world with no issue?

Of course you don't, because the world revolves around you. Want to make sure nothing happens to your package?

100% sure? Put it in your car and deliver it your *** self.


You have no idea how these pkgs are handled Did you ever look inside a ups, fedex truck?? stuff just slammed everywhere ..big screen tvs on the floor with 100lb. cartons on top.Plus we as drivers do not care about the stuff ,we really don't to us it's just another box,we REALLY DON"T CARE sorry...

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