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Shipped a 52lb computer system in a double wall box rated at 44 ECT and 95lb gross. This is well within UPS's rated specs and requirements. Along with the standard styrofoam corners there was an additional 2 inches of firm sponge foam around the computer case. Inside the system there was rolls of bubble wrap to firm up and support the internals.

Upon delivery, bottom corner showed evidence of a hard drop and crushing. The system did not work, troubleshooting revealed the motherboard needed replacement. Service tech $150, replacement motherboard $165........$310 total.

It was insured for $500.oo

UPS is denying my claim based on insufficient packaging. It has been weeks of phones calls to UPS and various 'agents' and supervisors, then dealing with the UPS store and its parent company Mailboxes ETC, their regional rep etc etc.

The end result is that I ended up refunding the money to my customer $485 and UPS stole $310 plus $65 in shipping from me due to their damages.

Monetary Loss: $860.

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yes, I have just experienced this for myself. I have all the original packaging inside to ship my TV and it arrived damaged in one corner.

Like someone had dropped it. Exactly your situation. UPS has blamed it on "insufficient packaging". We know that is B.S.

Not only that, but after they denied my claim, they shipped it back to the shipper and in order to get it now, they want me to pay $210 to ship it again.

I could buy a new TV for $210!! I hate them.

Severnyy, Rostov, Russian Federation #26090

I feel your pain, but look at it from an insurance stand point - if UPS paid your claim anyone would be able to ship a non-working item and claim that it had been damaged internally. While, I give you the benefit of the doubt and don't question your character- this scenario does happen. If you own a business an d deal with high end electronic items - you should invest in cargo insurance which will cover all of you shipments and any internal damages

to Bryan Yuba City, California, United States #1013626

Pay for cargo insurance and be out more money when you are denied?

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