A package was overnighted to me through UPS on 1/2/13 with a delivery date of 1/3/13. The package was addressed to my apartment community leasing office.

Instead of taking the package into the leasing office, the remedial UPS driver decided to do some higher level thinking skills and marked "undeliverable as addressed" on the package which will require me to drive 40 miles to pick up a package I paid $21.00 to have delivered to my apartment office. UPS said the sender should have wrote, "deliver to leasing office" on the package. UPS as a whole company would screw up a wet dream! I have no earthly idea how they stay in business and will never use them again.

I find it interesting that they have a specific location for people to pick up "undeliverable packages". Actually, the Pony Express could have delivered my package more efficiently than UPS.

I also find it interesting that so many people complain about UPS and nothing ever happpens. Probably just an additional indicator of the mess our country is in and the intellect and reasoning powers of UPS employees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Your leasing office did not want to take responsibility accepting goods on behalf of other people. Why you ask?

because it is "higher level thinking" individuals like you who cause problems if something doesn't go your way......If you put your name on a shipment that is addressed to an office, they will not sign for it since they do not employ anyone under that name. You did not have your actual apt. number for them to redirect it to, so when the driver attempted delivery.

the people said "no one works here by that name and we dont accept for residents. He sent it back since no correct address on label to refer to

to micky Germantown, Maryland, United States #591370

I get the impression , maybe you work for UPS. Sorry to hear that if that is the case.

But , since you want to defend them (UPS) go for it! I received a postcard , delivered to my house by the US Postal System, from UPS Saying that my package could not be delivered because the address did not exist.

I'm just saying.... the post office delivered to me...

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