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I was waiting for a very important piece of document from my bank and I was informed that it would arrive before 3:30 pm the next day. At about 10:30 am, I heard a short door bell and before I got to the door (about a minute or so), the UPS guy had stuck a InfoNotice and was gone.

I called the number on the back of the notice and they told me it was going to be delivered the following day. I told them that it was not right that the delivery guy was gone in a minute or less and I was willing to pick it up anywhere. They told me someone from the warehouse was going to call within the hour. I waited two hours before I call the number again.

They told me that letter would be waiting for me after 7 pm but they cannot give me anymore details. I asked to speak to a manager (Angela employee ID UTA2817). This is what she told me. She kept using the word protocol and it appeared that she had no idea what it meant 1) UPS does not have a protocol to handle complaints that do not fit into specific categories.

Apparently, mine was one of them 2) My issue was related to internal departments and their protocol does not allow them to accept my complaint 3) She was the first level supervisor and there was no one else that was available to take my complaint or hear me out. I asked her how did she know they were not available while she was talking to me all the time. She said she made an educated guess. I don't know where she was "educated" but it appears it must be the UPS Supervisor Training she received coming through.

4) When asked if I can have the phone number of their corporate site so I can submit my complaint, she said she does not access to it. I have had similar problems with UPS before.

So I am going to ask all my clients to avoid UPS in the future. This is a company on its way out.

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One minute is a very long time to answer the door. Maybe if you would have made the effort to hurry even slightly to the door you would have your package.

Think about it... drivers don't have time to wait minutes at each house, especially since most people work during the day.

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