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UPS needs to look at the way they delivery and be honor to customer. I experienced that driver did not make an attempt to delivery but yet updated delivery status as attempt delivery with "Address is incorrect" on the third attempts.

How can that be incorrect address when the first and second attempts you left a note on my door that no one was home? And when I called UPS Customer service. They say may be the inexperience driver. I don't buy this.

With GPS available, how couldn't you find my address? The address is clearly correct on label and this address has been here back in 1960s and nothing has been changed. UPS needs to look at ways to notify customer prior the driver making next stop. There are many ways I could think off.

Like allow customer to update delivery status using tracking number, perhaps verify name and address then allow a button to check off "Notify me when en-route" and allow customer to enter email address or cell phone. Once that check off, the update then sends status to UPS delivery system to that tracking number, then status "Notify Customer" sends to the driver hand held device. Before driving to next stop, the driver checks off if status has "Notify Customer", the message sends to recipient cell phone that delivery on the way within 15-20 minutes. Recipient can now be available to receive package.

Driver do not have to type any thing just to click off a button on handheld. If UPS implementing this process, they will save a lot of money and I can guarantee that number of attempt deliveries each day will increase significantly. Bottom line is you're saving cost on fuel, time and money while provide satisfaction to customer. Technology is out there and someone need to implement it.

Run the query to see how many attempts delivery you have each day and do your cost saving calculations.

I have more ideas to improve your delivery system. You can find me by this tracking 1Z71X3194294939717.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

UPS Cons: Lack of training of the employees.

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Contact UPS Corporate in Atlanta I am sure they would be quite interested in how you would make changes to the software for this to happen.

They might also be interested in your other ideas as well.

How to implement all this with existing software.

They might see you are a real computer whiz and possibly you could name your price to join the IE Dept!


The 9th and 10th digits of the tracking number indicate the service level of the package. 42 means that the driver is required to get a signature at delivery.

While I do agree that some of your ideas do make sense, the typical driver does not have the time to call each and every customer to let them know that we will be there shortly. The number of delivery attempts would not increase significantly as we are only required to make one attempt per day.

I also agree that it is odd that the driver was able to find your house on the first two attempts yet put down NSN for the third attempt.

BTW, you should never post a tracking number as it would take less than a minute for someone with knowledge of our tracking system to figure out where you live.






Hi Dave.