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I hate receiving packages from ups..Every time I track my package it says will be delivered by the end of the day like they literally deliver it at the end of the day around like 6pm wtf? But FedEx on the the other hand has packages at my door at around 10am sharp or the latest at 12pm :) it happens all the time that's why I hate when companies send things to me via UPS i'm like ugh I'm tracking my order all day its 4pm and still no sign of it. That makes me go crazy

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UPS does suck. Anyone who thinks an unhappy consumer is a crybaby can eat *** from my ***.


WHO CARE'S AS LONG AS YOU RECIEVE YOUR PACKAGE.IF you do not want to wait on UPS.GO pick up the package yourself.***.WTF.KNOW one is going to make a special trip for you.EVERYONE else wait's for delivery.WHY?CAN'T YOU.YOU are not as special as you think.


Horrible and sucks..... not one time, everytime


couldn't agree more.. Im dealing with that now!


well fedex might deliver to u at 10am because of where your house is,their is someone who get's fedex at 6pm..


What a cry baby

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